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    作到少做2020年7月英语四六级工作。 We need to look at ways of cutting the working week without slashing living standards. 我们要寻求的是在不降低生活水平的前提下缩短工作周时长的办法, After all worlds, workers have already suffered the worst deduction in wages since the early 18 hundreds. 毕竟,全世界的员工已经遭受了自18世纪初以来最严重的克扣工资, And cutting the working week would be conducive to the individual, giving millions of workers more time to spend as they see fit. 而缩短工作周时长将给个人带来好处,给数百万名员工更多的时间去做自己想做的事。 19. What do people often feel guilty about according to the speaker? 19. 根据叙述者所述内容,人们经常对什么感到愧疚? 20. What did leading economi sts predict 90 years ago? 20. 一些著名的经济学家90年前预测了什么? 21. What is the result of denying workers' right to make their own choices? 21. 员工失去选择的权利会有什么后果? 以上就是今天为大家分享的内容啦,各位小伙伴利用好最后的时间认真备考。小编祝大家六级旗开得胜!

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    生产的干蟋蟀比牛肉、鸡肉和猪肉含有更多的蛋白质以及铁和钙等矿物质。 Unlike the production of meat, bugs do not use up large amounts of land, water or feed. 与肉类的生产不同,昆虫不会消耗大量的土地、水或者饲料。 And insect farming also produces far fewer greenhouse gases. 昆虫养殖产生的温室气体也要少2020年7月英语四六级得多。 However, despite 2 billion people worldwide already supplementing their diet with insects, consumer disgust remains a large barrier in many western countries. 然而,尽管全球已有20亿人在食用昆虫,但消费者对昆虫的厌恶仍是许多西方国家的无法突破的一道门槛。 I'm not sure bugs will become a popular snack anytime soon, but they're definitely food for fort. 我不确定虫子是否会在不久后成为一种广受欢迎的小吃,但它绝对是高档食物。 12. What do we learn from the passage about the food company Eat Grub? 从文章中我们可以了解到食品公司“吃虫(Eat Grub)”的什么信息? 13. What does the speaker say about his first bite a roasted crickets? 关于对烤蟋蟀的第一口尝试,叙述者是如何描述的? 14. What does Eat Grub say about his dried crickets? “吃虫公司(Eat Grub)”是如何描述其公司的干蟋蟀食品的? 15. What does the passage say about insect farming? 该文章就昆虫养殖说了什么? 以上就是今天为大家分享的内容啦,各位小伙伴利用好最后的时间认真备考。小编祝大家六级旗开得胜!

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    用在900万到1000万欧元之间。 Assuming all goes well, the airport should open in October 2020, 假设一切顺利,机场将于2020年10月开放, but the still empty airport stands as the biggest embarrassment to Germany's reputation for efficiency and a continuing drain on city and state resources. 但目前仍空无一人的机场是顶着“高效率”头衔的德国的最大耻辱,也是对城市和国家资源的一种持续性消耗。 22. What does the speaker say about the dream airport in Berlin? 22. 关于柏林的梦想机场,叙述者说了什么? 23. Why was there a need for a new airport in Berlin? 23. 为什么需2020年7月英语四六级要在柏林建一个新机场? 24. Why did Berlin postpone the opening of its dream airport again and again? 24. 柏林为何一再推迟梦想机场的开放? 25. What happens while the airport remains unused? 25. 在机场未投入使用期间会发生什么? 以上就是今天为大家分享的内容啦,各位小伙伴利用好最后的时间认真备考。小编祝大家六级旗开得胜!

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    试了学生在阅读纯文本和看2020年7月英语四六级图片两种呈现方式下对基本物理化学概念的记忆, by reading plain text or viewing pictures to and everyone do better with the help of pictures. 结果显示图片的呈现方式对学生的记忆更有帮助。 16. Why do psychologists and educators study learning styles? 16. 心理学家和教育者为什么要研究学习风格? 17. What does the speaker say about one study mentioned in the 2008 review? 17. 关于2008年的报告,叙述者讲述了什么? 18. What message does the speaker want to convey about learning at the end of the talk? 18. 叙述者在最后想要传达什么有关学习的内容? 以上就是今天为大家分享的内容啦,各位小伙伴利用好最后的时间认真备考。小编祝大家六级旗开得胜!

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    而他只有26岁。 And Sanchez constantly attempts to improve everything from seeding techniques out in the field to the promotion and sale of his produce online. 从田间播种技术到网上推销产品,桑切斯一直在试图改善这一切。 This is evidence of an experimental approach. 这是一种实验方法的证明, It's an approach not dictated by the confines of conventional large scale agriculture lead by international corporations. 这种方法不受以国际公司主导的传统的大规模农业的限制。 While farming is often difficult for both the body and mind, 桑切斯说,虽然耕作经常会对身心造成负担, Sanchez says he and many of his fellow young farmers are motivated by desire to set a new standard for agriculture. 但是他和他的许多年轻农民同伴们都渴望能够建立一套新的农业标准。 Many of them are employing a multitude of technologies, some new and some not so new. 他们中很多人在使用大量的技术,有些是新技术,有些是不那么新的技术。 Recently, Sanchez bought a hand operated tool which pulls out weeds and loosen soil. 最近,桑切斯买了一个既可以除草又可以松土的手动工具, It actually dates back to at least 1701. 实际上,这种工具至少可以追溯到1701年。 It stands in sharp contrast to Sanchez's other gadget, a gas powered flame rekiller, invented in 1997. 它和桑切斯使用的另外一种工具形成了鲜明的对比,即1997年发明的一种以气体为动力的灭火器。 He simply doesn't discriminate when it comes to the newness of tools. If it works, it works. 他不会因工具的新旧而对其区别对待,一切以其实用性为主。 Farmers have a long history of invention and is no different today. 农民们有着悠久的发明史,至今仍是如此。 Young farmers are guided by their love for agriculture and aided by their knowledge of technology to find inexpensive and appropriately sized tools. 年轻的农民热爱农业,加之在技术上的知识,驱使着他们去寻找成本低廉且大小合适的工具。 They collaborate and innovate. Sometimes the old stuff just works better or more efficiently. 他们合作、创新,有时旧物件儿用起来反而更顺手或者效率更高。 9. What do we learn about Leo Sanchez's farm? 关于里奥·桑切斯的农场我们知道什么? 10. What has motivated Leo Sanchez and his fellow young farmers to engage in farming? 利奥·桑切斯以及他那些年轻的农民同伴们从事农业的动力是什么? 11. Why did Leo Sanchez buy a hand operated weeding tool? 里奥·桑切斯买2020年7月英语四六级手动除草工具的原因是什么? 以上就是今天为大家分享的内容啦,各位小伙伴利用好最后的时间认真备考。小编祝大家六级旗开得胜!

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    能把钱贷给我,他们担心我会拖欠他们发放给我的商业贷款。 That doesn't sound fair. Your business idea is amazing. Did you show them your business plan? What did they say? 听起来不公平啊,你的商业想法这么棒,你给他们看你的商业计划书了吗?他们怎么说的? They didn't really articulate any position regarding the actual business plan. 对于实际的商业计划,他们并没有明确表达自己的立场。 They simply looked at my credit history and determined it was not good enough. 他们只是看了我的信用记录,然后就认定我的信用记录不够好。 They said the bank has strict guidelines and requirements as to who they can lend money to. 他们说,银行对贷款对象有严格的准则和要求。 And I simply don't meet their financial threshold. 我在财务上根本达不到他们的标准。 What if you ask for a smaller amount? Maybe you could gather capital from other sources, smaller loans from more lenders. 如果你贷少一点的金额呢?或许可以从其他渠道筹集资金,从更多的贷款人那里获取小额贷款。 You don't get it. It doesn't matter the size of the loan I ask for, or the type of business I propose. That's all inconsequential. 你不明白,问题不在于我要求贷款的规模、或者我要2020年7月英语四六级办理的业务类型,这些都不是重点。 The first thing every bank will do is study how much money I have and how much debt I have before they decide whether or not to lend me any more money. 每家银行要做的第一件事情就是要弄清楚我有多少钱以及我有多少债务,然后再来决定是否贷给我更多的钱。 If I want to continue ahead with this dream of only my own business, I have no other choice. 如果我想继续自己的事业,继续这个梦想,那么没有其他选择, But to build up my own finances, I need around 20% more in personal savings and 50% less debt. That's all there is to it. 只能先把我自己的财务状况搞好,个人存款再提高20%,债务再减少50%,这样就没有问题了。 I see now it's a huge pity that they rejected your request, but don't lose hope. 我现在明白了,他们拒绝了你的申请真的很遗憾,但不要失去希望。 I still think that your idea is great and that you would turn it into a phenomenal success. 我还是认为你的想法很好,你会取得很大的成功的。 5. What did the woman do this morning? 这位女士今天早上做了什么? 6. Why was the woman's proposal rejected? 这位女士的申请为什么会被拒绝? 7. What is the woman planning to do? 这位女士打算怎么办? 8. What does the man suggest the woman do? 这位男士建议这位女士怎么做? 以上就是今天为大家分享的内容啦,各位小伙伴利用好最后的时间认真备考。小编祝大家六级旗开得胜!

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    成了对比。 The show has been running for over ten years, and some of the actors are practically global super stars. Now that they are such famous celebrities. 这部剧已经上映了十多年了,里面的一些演员其实都是全球巨星,现在他们都是名人。 5. What does the man think of the satire Frankie he recently watched? 5. 男士对他最近看的讽刺剧《弗兰基》有什么看法? 6. What does the man say especial about the satire Frankie? 6. 关于讽刺剧《弗兰基》,男士说了什么特2020年7月英语四六级别的? 7. What does the woman say she is going to do with the satire Frankie? 7. 女士说她将如何对待讽刺剧《弗兰基》? 8. What does the woman say about the comedy The Big Bang Theory? 8. 关于喜剧《生活大爆炸》,女士说了什么? 以上就是今天为大家分享的内容啦,各位小伙伴利用好最后的时间认真备考。小编祝大家六级旗开得胜!

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    听到爵士乐了。 Not like they used to be. But here you're trying to promote this great music genre. 不像以前了。但是在这里,你正努力推广这种伟大的音乐流派。 Yes. Indeed, nowadays most people like to listen to pop and rock music. 是的,确实如此,现在大多数人都喜欢听流行乐和摇滚乐。 Hip hop music from America is also getting more and more popular. 源于美国的嘻哈乐也越来越受欢迎。 So as a result, there are fewer listeners of Jazz, which is a great shame because it's an incredibly rich genre. 所以,爵士乐的听众少了,这真的很遗憾,因为爵士乐是一个极具价值的音乐流派。 But that's not to say there isn't any good new Jazz music being made out there anymore. 不过并不是说不会再有新的好的爵士乐被制作出来。 Far from it. It's just a much smaller market today. 远非如此,只是现在爵士乐的市场小了很多。 So how would you define Jazz? 那么您是如何定义爵士乐的呢? Interestingly enough, there's no agreed upon definition of Jazz. 很有趣的是,对于爵士乐并没有统一的定义。 Indeed, there are many different styles of Jazz, some have singing, but most don't. 的确,爵士乐有很多种不同类型的风格,有些带唱,不过大多数都2020年7月英语四六级不带唱。 Some are electric and some aren't. Some contain live experimentation, but not always. 有些是电气爵士,有些则不是。有些带现场演唱,但并不全是如此。 While there's no simple definition for it. Allow, there are many different styles of Jazz. 爵士乐虽然没有一个简单的定义,但是却允许其有多种不同的风格。 You simply know it when you hear it. Honestly. The only way to know what Jazz is, listen to it yourself. 你听的时候自然就知道了。说白了,想要知道什么是爵士乐,唯一的方法就是你自己去听。 As the great trumpet player. Louis Armstrong said, if you've got to ask, you'll never know. 伟大的小号演奏家路易斯·阿姆斯特朗曾经说过:如果你一定要问,那么你永远都不会知道。 1. What do we learn about the woman's store? 关于这位女士的商店我们知道什么? 2. What does the man say about Jazz music? 关于爵士乐这位男士说了什么? 3. What does the woman say about Jazz? 关于爵士乐这位女士说了什么? 4. What should you do to appreciate different styles of Jazz according to the woman? 根据这位女士的话,应该怎样去欣赏不同类型的爵士乐? 以上就是今天为大家分享的内容啦,各位小伙伴利用好最后的时间认真备考。小编祝大家六级旗开得胜!

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    曾经克服过什么困难吗?又是怎么克服的呢? I had to be really persistent and it was very hard work. 我必须努力坚持下去,因为这个工作是相当艰苦的。 After three years of working in a petrol station and doing unpaid work I still hadn't managed to get an entry level job. 我在加油站干了三年的无偿工作之后,仍然没有找到一份入门级的工作。 I was lucky that my last desperate attempt led to a job. 我很幸运,在最后一次绝望的尝试中找到了一份工作。 I told myself that all experiences make you a better journalist in the long run and luckily, I was right. 我告诉自己,从长远来看所2020年7月英语四六级有的经历都会让你成为一名更优秀的记者。幸运的是,我是对的。 1. What is the woman's profession? 1. 这位女士的职业是什么? 2. What is one of the woman's main responsibilities? 2. 这位女士的主要职责是什么? 3. What do many people think about the woman's job? 3. 很多人对这位女士的工作是怎么看的? 4. What helped the woman to get her current position? 4. 是什么帮助这位女士取得了如今的成就? 以上就是今天为大家分享的内容啦,各位小伙伴利用好最后的时间认真备考。小编祝大家六级旗开得胜!

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    out of ten children whose parents smoke, smoke themselves. Obesity is in part an environmental problem. Successful people have successful friends, and so the story goes on.   主题:环境对人的影响 Q19 What does the speaker say about us as human beings? Q20 What does the speaker say Fred should do first to improve his quality of life? Q21 What does the speaker say about the psychiatrists?