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      我们学习一门语言是需要不断的练习的,英语的口语也是如此,如果你不去表达不去开口,那么口语能力又怎么会提升呢?别害怕说,虽然会有错误,但是不说错误就不能被发现。下面就是几类英语口语表达常用的词汇短语,你了解吗?不了解的一起来看看吧。   性格特点   honest 诚实   easy-going 随和   energetic 精力充沛的   quick-learning 学习能力强的   confident 自信   perseverance 坚持   dedication 奉献   team-spirit 团队精神   flexible 灵活   leadership skills



  • 工作中常用的英语口语短语

    按时完成这项工作是个艰巨的挑战,但是我们完成了。   12. He did the dirty work on that project.   他在那个项目中做的是吃力不讨好的活儿。   13. I made short work of the assignment and moved on to the next job.   我很快完英语成为了工作中必不可少的一项语言技能。很多企业在招聘人才的时候把英语成了任务,开始下一项工作了。   学习英语不能三天打鱼两天晒网,而是要做到坚持和努力。在学习的过程中会遇到很多困难,但只要学会克服困难,不断向前。相信在不久的将来,你的英语能力一定能得到提升。以上就是小编分享的工作常用英语口语,希望能给大家学习带来帮助。



  • 初一英语入门常用短语归纳

    英语的学习来说 若想在英语的每个方面都变得优秀,基础知识一定不能落下, 那么有很多人都是刚刚才英语



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  • 【剑桥商务英语高级】常用词汇短语总结(第五章-下)

    第一章链接 第二章上链接 第二章下链接 第三章链接 第四章链接 第五章上链接 新编剑桥商务英语高级第三版第五章下     Listen 5.2 P138 34. our margins will just get [wv]squeezed[/wv] more and more 35. 引出建议what do u suggest? I think we should … One thing we could do is… Why don’t we… I’d recommend doing/that…   36. I’d recommend cutting the wage bill---either by laying some people off or by freezing salaries=不增加 Cutting back on ad expenditure Getting our energy bills down Tackle labour costs   37. neither of which are going to be .. 38. the alternatives are probably worse 39. short term solution hurts us in the long run 40. for me the only real solution is 41. It might be painful, but the advantage would be that, once done, we could get back to concentrating on selling P53 42. improve its margins 43. a car hire company 44. compromising service levels败坏名声 Sacrifice/at the expense of 45. sub-let space 转租   46. 根据对方的提议进行回复 I agree with you./I think that’s right./you’re right./that’s true./absolutely. I think that’s an excellent idea./that would work really well. I see what you’re saying, but…/you’ve got a point, but…/you’re probably right, but… I think that might be difficult./I;m not so sure about that./I’m concerned that might…/It could be…\ 47. trade credit=a period of time before they have to pay. pay upfront, before they receive the goods. pay down payment when sign the contract   48. [wv]pawn[/wv]典当铺 49. asset,current fixed intangible book value账面价值 [wv]depreciation[/wv]/[wv]amortization[/wv]折旧折耗 liability,current longterm   50. underspent=low budget low expenditure overspent=high budget high expenditure   51. We make a profit: the product is profitable or profit-making. We break even: we reach break-even point. We make a loss. The product is loss-making, but product A is a loss leader to attract people.为招揽顾客而降   52. Indirect costs=expenses 53. Costing=caculating costs. 54. Selling price - direct production cost=gross margin; Selling price - total costs =net margin, profit margin or mark-up    以上内容手打总结,如有遗漏请见谅,希望有帮助哈,有添加的内容请英语留言哦~ [cn]以上为本期的主要内容。对于相关内容有疑问或意见的请留言哦~[/cn] 声明:本文系沪江英语原创内容,转载请注明出处。本文仅代表作者个人观点,仅供参考。如有不妥之处,欢迎指正。

  • 【剑桥商务英语高级】常用词汇短语总结(第四章)

    第一章链接 第二章上链接 第二章下链接 第三章链接 新编剑桥商务英语高级第三版第四章     Unit4 4.1P36 1. Ur [wv]attitude[/wv] not ur [wv]aptitude[/wv] will determine ur [wv]altitude[/wv] [wv]Latitude[/wv] [wv]longitude[/wv] 2. failure is a [wv]detour[/wv] not a dead-end street绕道 死胡同 3. close the sale/deal 4. buying signal: a sign (be open to be sold) 5. prospective customer/buyer 6. outside my budget 7. suits my image 8. mass market 9. [wv]niche[/wv] market 专营(targeted) 10. ponit of sale销售点 11. 各种营销方式 viral marketing病毒式 病毒营销(viral marketing,又称病毒式营销、病毒性营销、基因营销或核爆式营销),是利用公众的积极性和人际网络,让营销信息像病毒一样传播和扩散,营销信息被快速复制传向数以万计、数以百万计的受众,它能够像病毒一样深入人脑,快速复制,广泛传播,将信息短时间内传向更多的受众。病毒营销是一种常见的网络营销方法,常用于进行网站推广、品牌推广等。 Radio promotion point of sale promotion sponsorship of events direct mail(post) Word of mouth recommendation Billboards Vehicle advertising   Listen 4.1 P137 12. relationship selling 13. issues and constraints they face 14. hard-sell technique: pushy 15. In my line of business Line of business (LOB) is a general term which often refers to a set of one or more highly related products which service a particular customer transaction or business need. 16. perceived benefits 17. [wv]deodorant[/wv]除臭剂 18. sustain technical competitive advantage 19. advertisement be televised电视上播出 P39 20. 描述上升的词汇 Growing/upsurge/accelerate/boom/increasingly/new wave/more widespread/enjoy a boom/recover from its recent downturn/go up/soar/putup 描述下降的词汇 Decline/fall/reduce/cut/go down/drop/lower/collapse   Eg. The house price increase/put up put up the prices The gap increase/go up/soar Taxes go down/decrease/drop/collapse Cost cut/decrease/lower   21. growing ubiquity=being everywhere 22. have a material effect on 23. at the sharp end处在第一位 决策 24. boost the budget/ Amount spent on sth is booming 25. some budget be shifted out of 移出 26. [wv]forward[/wv] through adverts on recorded shows 看录制节目时按快进 27. broadband penetration 宽带普及 28. accelerate the trends for 29. sth be consumed in an on-demand way 按需计算 30. target a [wv]receptive[/wv] audience 易接受 31. pay a huge [wv]premium[/wv] =extra money 32. catch-all ads 全方位的 33. holistic view 34. tap into young consumers挖掘 35. advertiser-funded content 36. feel compelled to do 37. come of age=grow mature eg. Let us also recognize that older generations themselves stand to learn a great deal from the experiences and examples of young people as they come of age in a world of accelerating interconnectedness.   38. create a [wv]buzz[/wv] around a particular clip造势 39. shop mark up prices by 100% 涨价 40. freeze orders   4.2 41. put pressure on our margins 42. cut expenditure by 43. it’s been a roller coaster of a year with sales fluctuating 比喻价格起伏很大,就像坐过山车一样 44. post-Christmas blues 45. hit a record high/peak 46. go into overdrive to get the products out 加大力度 47. things stabilized/leveled off 48. clear out our stock 49. offer reductions in the retail price 50. anticipating customers’ needs /demand forecasting   Listen 4.2 P137 51. based on / given 52. modest increase/temperate 53. figure predicted this year is…    以上内容手打总结,如有遗漏请见谅,希望有帮助哈,有添加的内容请英语留言哦~ [cn]以上为本期的主要内容。对于相关内容有疑问或意见的请留言哦~[/cn] 声明:本文系沪江英语原创内容,转载请注明出处。本文仅代表作者个人观点,仅供参考。如有不妥之处,欢迎指正。

  • 【剑桥商务英语高级】常用词汇短语总结(第三章)

    第一章链接 第二章上链接 第二章下链接 新编剑桥商务英语高级第三版第三章     3.1 P26 1. send/draft an email make/receive a call issue/put out a press release launch/run a campaign give/make a presentation hold/attend/chair/organize/participate in/convene/call a meeting/seminar Miss/Attend/Run/Chair/Cancel/Put back/Postpone/Bring forward /Arrange/Set up/fix a meeting produce/publish a report put up/display a notice circulate/send out a memo post/put information on the internet   2. counter-productive 适得其反的 3. depersonalize 使……失去个性 modern communication channels have depersonalized a lot of customer contact commoditize the service rationalize it and make it cheaper to deliver 4. embrace new technology 5. it is not suited to customers’ expectations 适合 6. we’ll see a return to more face to face communication 7. the company’s gratitude and appreciation 8. brand identity 品牌标识 9. vacant posts for a trainee 空闲的实习生岗位   10. A reply to a letter/phone call/email A request for information/a meeting/a pay rise A reminder to do something A proposal for action/a new product An announcement regarding/about something An apology for a mistake/for being late A demand for payment   11. Urge/convince/persuade sb to do Promise/threaten/undertake/agree/offer/refuse to do Admit/deny doing Criticize/praise/blame sb for doing Accuse sb of doing Deter/discourage/dissuade sb from doing Suggest/propose/recommend doing/that sb should do   P30 12. customer charter 客户宪章 13. keep your details confidential 保密 14. offer you the best rates for sth: if you find sth better we’ll refund the difference退差价 15. give you impartial(fair/equal)advice on   Listen 3.1P136 适用于口语的部分 16. sb be due to come at 预期到达 17. I’ll look into it straightaway 调查 I’ll come straight back to you =I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 18. he has offered to work late to fit in the job 适应工作 19. would that be convenient/acceptable for you…? 20. I quite understand(completely/quite 表程度深) 21. in that case I’ll reschedule him for another day 改期 22. I’ll see what I can do 看着办 23. please just bear with me for a moment 请忍耐一会/等一 24. divert设定电话转移 What I can do is to divert any calls coming into your office number on to your mobile phone until your line is repaired.   P31 25. handle calls sensitively 26. order a fish tank(水槽) from a mail order company heater 加热器 air pump 充气机 iron 熨斗   27. receive unsolicited calls not asked for and often not wanted 未经要求的,自发的 • unsolicited calls未获邀请的造访 • unsolicited advice主动提出的建议 28. track the order 跟踪订单 29. promotion company推广公司 30. cut off the electricity   3.2 P32 Email [formal] Please find attached our proposal. I would be grateful if you could check it and send us confirmation of your acceptance. [neutral] Attached is our proposal. Please check it and confirm that you are happy with it. [casual] Pls check the attached proposal and confirm. Sample 关于签订合约的信 Dear Mr Harris, Further to our telephone conversation earlier, please find attached a draft contract. Please read it carefully and if you are in agreement with the terms, I would be grateful if you could sign it and return it to me. Strictly speaking, the deadline for the special offer we discussed is tomorrow. However, we would be happy to keep it open for you until the end of the week. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries. Yours sincerely Laura Cox 31. keep your details on file=hang on to your details 存档 32. send us an up-to-date list of your fees 33. look for=have any demand for 34. draft contract合同草案 35. If you are ok with the terms=in agreement with 36. receptionist/doorman 接待员 37. Cross-sell(different products/services to one customer)   38. Annual general meeting: AGM,a shareholders’ meeting to discuss an important issue such as a proposed merger. 39. extraordinary general meeting EGM, A shareholders’ meeting to discuss an important issue such as a proposed merger. 40. Make of—to deal with, handle (I know not what to make of him.)     以上内容手打总结,如有遗漏请见谅,希望有帮助哈,有添加的内容请英语留言哦~ [cn]以上为本期的主要内容。对于相关内容有疑问或意见的请留言哦~[/cn] 声明:本文系沪江英语原创内容,转载请注明出处。本文仅代表作者个人观点,仅供参考。如有不妥之处,欢迎指正。

  • 【剑桥商务英语高级】常用词汇短语总结(第一章)

    只是一个简单含蓄的说法,其实就是“被派到很远的地方做更差的工作”。 10. dynamic=active/energetic 11. self-motivated积极主动的(人) self-employed自由职业的 freelancer自由职业者 12. pilot Project试点项目 13. tackle discrimination解决歧视问题 14. raise the awareness of scale of justice提高人们对公正的认识 15. make something [wv]mandatory[/wv]将…强制 16. rule out the possibility of…排除…的可能性   1.2p12 17. [wv]assert[/wv] oneself 坚持己见 18. quietly-spoken Person讲话声音小的人 19. on the [wv]spot[/wv]在场,马上,处于良好竞技状态,困难中 20. feel at ease=feel comfortable 21. open-ended question开放式问题 22. be far too nice太好了 23. [wv]dictate[/wv] the direction of the interview决定面试的方向 24. run the risk of doing冒险做 25. [wv]inspire[/wv] loyalty激发忠诚度 26. [wv]derive[/wv] job satisfaction from what they do从工作中获得满足感 27. be [wv]evaluated[/wv] subjectively by line managers被部门经理主观地评价 line manager-Your line manager is the person at work who is in charge of your department, group, or project. 部门经理 28. something that is [wv]intrinsic[/wv] to the job工作中固有的成分   Listening 1.1 1.2 p135 29. at will=carelessly 30. the [wv]flipside[/wv] of this is反面 31. [wv]balance[/wv] work and domestic schedules平衡工作和家庭 32. employees’ skills can be [wv]moulded[/wv] to the needs of company根据公司的需求培养雇员 33. life [wv]expectancy[/wv]预期寿命 34. [wv]fund[/wv] one’s retirement提供退休基金 retirement fund 35. supply of these younger workers dries up缺乏年轻雇员 36. sea-worthiness适航性 37. well-[wv]maintained[/wv] ship保养良好的船 38. conditions remain [wv]hostile[/wv]情况持续不利 39. storm [wv]subside[/wv]=weaken 40. [wv]mount[/wv] an operation to transfer the oil off the ship=organize准备组织 41. they attract more publicity他们更能引起公众的注意 42. overtime 加班,加班费 eg.They’re working overtime to get the job finished. 他们正在加班赶工。 He earns £450 a week, including overtime. 他周薪450英镑,包括加班费。 43. a day off休假一天 44. 解雇 dismiss/lay off/sack/fire/kick out/out of office 辞职resign as职位/from部门 45. part-time work; full-time job   以上内容手打总结,如有遗漏请见谅,希望有帮助哈,有添加的内容请英语留言哦~ [cn]以上为本期的主要内容。对于相关内容有疑问或意见的请留言哦~[/cn] 声明:本文系沪江英语原创内容,转载请注明出处。本文仅代表作者个人观点,仅供参考。如有不妥之处,欢迎指正。

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