• 2019年12月英语四级作文模板:解决方法型

    2019年12月英语四级考试在即,你的四级单词背会了嘛?阅读长难句会分析了嘛?写作模板记住了嘛?如果你没有写作模板也别着急,小编为大家整理了不同体裁的写作模板供大家复习,希望你能在备英语四级考试在即,你的四级单词背会了嘛?阅读长难句会分析了嘛?写作模板考前熟记写作模板并能自己运用到作文中去哦! 2019年12月英语四级作文模板:解决方法型  解决方法题型要求考生列举出解决问题的多种途径   1. 问题现状   2. 怎样解决(解决方案的优缺点)   In recent days, we have to face I problem-----A, which is becoming more and more serious. First

  • 2019年6月英语四级作文模板:提纲式作文

    理了提纲式作文的四级写作模板,一起来看看吧~   英语四级作文万能模板:提纲式作文   1. 对立观点式   A.有人认为X 是好事,赞成X, 为什么? B. 有人认为X 是坏事, 反对X,为什么? C.我的看法。   Some people are in favor of the idea of doing X. They point out the fact that 支持X 的第一个原因。They also argue that 支持X 的另一个原因。   However, other people stand on a different ground. They consider it harmful to do X. They firmly point out that 反对X 的第一个理由。 An example can give the details of this argument: 一个例子。   There is some truth in both arguments. But I think the advantages of X overweigh the disadvantages. In addition to the above-mentioned negative effects it might bring about, X also may X 的有一个坏处。   2. 批驳观点式   A.一个错误观点。 B. 我不同意。   Many people argue that 错误观点。By saying that, they mean 对这个观点的进一步解释。An example they have presented is that 一个例子。(According to a survey performed by X on a group of Y, almost 80% of them 赞成这个错误观点或者受到这个错误观点的影响)。   There might be some element of truth in these people’s belief. But if we consider it in depth, we will feel no reservation to conclude that 与错误观点相反的观点。There are a number of reasons behind my belief. (以下参照辩论文的议论文写法)。   3. 社会问题(现象)式   A.一个社会问题或者现象。 B. 产生的原因   C.对社会和英语四六级考试不到一个月的时间啦,你准备好了嘛?你熟悉不同题型作文的写作模板我们生活的影响   D. 如何杜绝。(如果是问题的话) E. 前景的预测。   Nowadays, there exists an increasingly serious social/economic/environmental   problem. (X has increasingly become a common concern of the public). According to a survey, 调查内容说明这种现象的情况。(或者是一个例子)。   There are a couple of reasons booming this problem/phenomenon. 下面参照辩论式议论文的写法。   X has caused substantial impact on the society and our daily life, which has been articulated(表达) in the following aspects. 参照辩论式议论文的写法。   A dozen of measures are supposed to take to prevent X from bringing us more harm. 参照辩论式议论文的写法。   Based on the above discussions, I can easily forecast that more and more people will …….. 以上就是今天的学习内容啦,大家在平时复习的时候可以多运用模板练习,熟悉其中的写作句型和套路。小编祝大家考出理想的成绩~

  • 2019年12月英语四级作文模板:观点论述

    2019年12月英语四级考试大家准备得怎么样?小编建议大家考前多进行模考,但很多同学反映自己没有写作模板,导致自己写作文时不知如何下笔。今天小编为大家带来四级写作模板,一起来看看吧! 2019年12月英语四级作文模板:观点论述  三段法结构:   首段:提出要论证的观点   第二段:通过举例的方法论述观点   末段:进一步表明观点的正确与否   In the above picture appear _______(描述图片内容) .   It reflects two distinct _______(图片所反映的表面现象),which arise from different attitudes toward _______(图片表达更深层次的含义). On the left represents those who are _______,seeing _______.With this attitude,_______ .In contrast,_______ on the right_______(行为或做法),regarding _______.Such attitude has an energizing effect,leading to enormous success in _______.For example,_______ .   As Seneca,an ancient Roman philosopher,once put it,“Almost any situation -----good or bad -----is affected by the attitude we bring to.”Therefore,it is advisable to _______.   名言为古罗马哲学家西尼加所说:“任何一种处境,无论好坏,都受到我们面对处境的态度的影响。”   在这里,名言警句可以根据具体所写内容所替换。所以,在准备的时候,多背几个名人的名言对我们写作是很有帮助的。 以上就是今天小编为大家分享的写作模板啦,写作重要平时的积累和练习,大家在看到这些模板后不仅要背会,在练习时也要学会灵活运用。希望大家能认真备考,早日通过四级考试!  

  • 2019年6月英语四级作文模板:图表作文

    距离2019年6月英语四级倒计时30天,各位小伙伴备考如何?是否有信心面对一个月后的考试?很多小伙伴反映遇到图表的作文时不知道如何下手。今天小编为大家整理了图表作文的写作模板,一起来学习一下吧!   As is shown by the percentage in the picture X has been on rise/ decrease, X dramatically decreasing from X in X to X in X. From the sharp decline in the chart, it goes without saying that X.

  • 2019年6月英语四级作文模板:评论反驳

    距离2019年6月英语四六级考试越来越近啦,大家准备的如何?是否熟悉不同体裁作文的写作模板?今天小编为大家带来四级写作模板:评论反驳。希望对你有所帮助! 模版1 Recently it seems that____________.MANY people,especially___________,think it will certainly do good to_____________because_____________.Moreover,_________. Nevertheless,after careful consideration,I have to state that the above view is more than biased,given the following reasons.First of all,____________.Besides,__________.Furthermore,__________. We can see clearly that although_________may bring favorable results,there are still problems concerning_______.It seems necessary for ___________to make a careful consideration before________. 模版2 Until recently most people hold hostile attitudes towards_______.Some people view it as_____________while others consider it____________. Recent research,however,shows that___________is of great benefit in many respects._________,scientists tell us,_____________.Surprisingly ,____________also_______.The most remarkable thing about_______is that_______. Now we can draw the conclusion that_______.I strongly advocate that we should make good use of it to_________. 模版3 In current society,we come across too many people who put much emphasis on __________.In many cases,________has become the sole criterion for judging a person’s__________. I argue that we should not put too much emphasis on________.To begin with,we should not take it for granted that those who__________will naturally______________. Moreover,_____________.Yet,_____________. The above discussion points to a fact that_______________.Consequently,it is of vital importance for us to realize that_____________. 以上就是今天的学习内容啦,大家在平时复习的时候可以多运用模板练习,熟悉其中的写作句型和套路。小编祝大家考出理想的成绩~

  • 2019年6月英语四级作文模板:对比论述型

    英语四六级考试不到一个月啦,各位亲们准备的怎么样啦?熟悉不同体裁的作文模板由是   2. 也有人持不同的意见,   3. 我的看法和打算       【四级写作范文】   Is a Test of Spoken English Necessary?   When it comes to the test of spoken English, people’s opinions differ. Many people believe that it is necessary to adopt

  • 2019年6月英语四级作文模板:现象阐述

    距离2019年6月英语四六级考试的时间越来越近啦,你准备好了嘛?你有信心面对考试嘛?今天小编为大家整理了四级写作现象阐述的作文模板,希望对你有所帮助~ 英语四级作文万能模板:现象阐述   As is symbolically depicted in the drawing above, _______图画内容 .   Simply designed as the drawing seems to be ,it does reveal that_______图画想表达的主题以及产生的原因 .   What the picture conveys goes far beyond this.Therefore,I strongly hold that _______解决办法一/观点一 .It is also of great significance to _______解决办法二/观点二 .Most importantly, _______解决办法三/观点三 . _______(可英语以是提出解决办法) 以上就是今天的学习内容啦,大家在平时复习的时候可以多运用模板练习,熟悉其中的写作句型和套路。小编祝大家考出理想的成绩

  • 2019年6月英语四级作文模板:理由阐述

    距离2019年6月英语四六级考试不到一个月啦,你备考如何?能在规定时间内完成作文嘛?今天小编为大家整理了有关理由阐述类的四级写作模板,希望对你有所帮助! 英语四级作文万能模板:理由阐述   关于理由阐述类的作文,作文题目通常是给出一个话题,让我们阐述对话题的看法。比如你认为什么样的朋友才是真正的朋友,并阐述理由;或者请谈一谈树立目英语四六级考试不到一个月啦,你备考如何?能在规定时间内完成作文标的重要性,说说你的理由,等等。这类作文比较看着我们个人的想法。因此,我们可以按照如下的模板来写,但是我们不能完全照搬模板,我们还需要在此基础上,添加一两句我们自己的话,这样就组成了一篇较好的作文。   参考一:   People _______主题 for a lot of different reasons. Some think It is good for , some other think It helps us .   _______理由一 is becoming more and more important to people. For many, this is the primary reason to _______主题 . Also, _______主题 is to _______理由二 . This often means having the opportunity to _______这样做的好处 . Besides looking for self-knowledge, people also _______主题 to_______理由三. For many, this will be their chance for a long time to _______这样做的好处.   I would recommend that people _______主题. They should _______做法 to _______这样做的目的一 and _______这样做的目的二 . Only by this way can we _______这样做的好处 .   参考二:   There is no denying that _______主题. We can easily find that _______举出一个主题相关类例子. _______用一到两句话对这个例子进行阐述。   There are two reasons that I think _______自己的观点. For one thing _______理由一. _______阐述理由一, because _______理由一带来的好处. For another _______理由二. _______阐述理由二.   From my perspective of view, I do agree with _______主题. Because ...... 以上就是今天的学习内容啦,大家在平时复习的时候可以多运用模板练习,熟悉其中的写作句型和套路。小编祝大家考出理想的成绩~

  • 2019年6月英语四级作文模板:议论文

    距离2019年6月英语四级考试倒计时30天,你们准备好了嘛?很多同学反映面对不同题材的作文不知如何下手。今天小编为大家准备了一些作文模板,希望大家再练习时可以多运用这些模板,在考场上能得心应手的完成作文~ Along with the advance of the society more and more controversial issues have been brought to our attention, one of which is that.... 随着社会的不断发展,出现了越来越多的问题,其中之一便是____________。 As to whether

  • 2019年6月英语四级作文模板:建议信