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    新评论的英文: n. news commentarynews是什么意思: n. 新闻,报导;新闻人物,新闻事件 That news will keep. 那个消息留待以后再宣布。 The venture was new. 这是一次新的冒险。 The news was flashed to Washington and then to New York. 这消息被火速发往华盛顿,然后发往纽约。 "New lords, new laws" 新官新法 I have ordered you a new suit [ordered a new suit for you]. 我已为你定购了一套新西装

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    评论的英文: comment discuss commentary参考例句: a press commentary 报刊评论 An apposite comment,illustration,example,etc 恰当的评论,说明,例子等 a volleyball filbert 自认的排球评论专家 Judge not, that ye be not judged. 不评论别人,你就不会遭到别人评论。 A revealing slip of the tongue,disclosure,comment 暴露真相的失言、揭发、评论 China weekly Review 《密勒氏评论报》 He

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    信口的评论的英文: passing commentpassing是什么意思: adj. 短暂的;经过的,路过的;目前的;及格的 n. 经过;流逝;去世;及格 v. pass的ing形式 This coin will not pass. 这钱币不评论的英文通用。 pass a messenger 传递引绳 The evening passed as evenings mostly pass at Italian theatres 那一声过得很平淡,象意大利戏院里的大多数夜晚一样 Jan has passed the ball to the teammate, a wonderful pass. 简把球

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    写评论的英文: review参考例句: His reviews are very penetrating and contain original opinions about a problem. 他写的评论

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    评论家的英文: critic reviewer参考例句: Sports critic 体育评论家 The reviewer roundly criticized the novel. 评论

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    时事评论的英文: running commentrunning是什么意思: n. 跑步;运转;流出 adj. 连续的;流动的;有/没有成功的机会;运转着的;领先;赶紧做;滚开 v. [run] 的ing形式;跑;运转;行驶 run the rapids. 冲过急流 Run (or Hold) with the hare and hunt (or run) with the hounds 两面讨好 Hold (or Run) with the hare and run (or hunt) with the hounds 两面讨好 He runs as quick as a deer. 他跑得跟

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    哈佛商业评论的英文: harvard business reviewharvard是什么意思: n. 美国哈佛大学 Princeton beat harvard at football. 普林斯顿大学在橄榄球赛中胜了哈佛大学。 He is a student of Harvard. 他是一名哈佛大学学生。 Is this the bus stop for the hourly shuttle to Harvard? 这是去哈佛大学每小时一次的班车站吗?business是什么意思: n. 商业,交易,生意;公司,商店;事情;职责 Be engaged in; be Busy in 从事于 to sit for business 因公滞留 As Busy as a bee (象蜜蜂)忙忙碌碌的review是什么意思: n. 复查,重新考虑;回顾;检讨;书评,影评;检阅,阅兵式 v. 思考;回顾;写(书、影片等)的评论文章;复习 To receive review 接受检阅 The review is published quarterly. 这期刊每季度出版一期。 The book received a favorable review. 这本书赢得了好评。 到沪江小D查看哈佛商业评论的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 哈佛商学院的英文怎么说>> 哈尔滨啤酒的英文怎么说>> 哈尔滨工业大学的英文怎么说>> 哈尔滨工程大学的英文怎么说>> 哈尔滨的英文怎么说>>

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    评论员的英文: commentator news analyst参考例句: He is a sports commentator. 他是一个体育评论员。 He is a sports commentator. 他是一个体育评论员。 He is a commentator on African affairs. 他是一位非洲事务评论员。 Cartoonists have established themselves as powerful social commentators. 漫画家已被认为是有影响的社会评论员。 One TV pundit calling Mr Bernanke a "rock star". 一位电视评论员将伯南克称为“摇滚明星”。 Many believe he could excel as a pundit, while coaching cannot be ruled out either. 许多人认为他可以成为一个优秀的评论员,同时也不排除执教的可能。 Commentators say it is widely admired by the EU's newest members, and has become a model for what they hope to achieve. 评论员称,爱尔兰得评论员的英文: commentator news analyst参考例句: He is a sports commentator. 他是一个体育评论员。 He is a sports commentator. 他是一个体育评论到了欧盟新成员的普遍钦佩和羡慕,成了它们的榜样。commentator是什么意思: n. 评论员,解说员;实况播音员;时事评论者 press advertising, comment, freedom 报刊上的广告、 报刊评论、 出版自由. RFC (Request For Comments) 请求注解 (of comments)sarcastic;cutting (指评论)讽刺的;挖苦的 analyst是什么意思: n. 分析家,化验员 How did you become a transactional analyst? 你是如何成为一个交互分析治疗师的? A great many analysts are sanguine on this account. 非常多的分析家都乐观地持这种观点。 A subtle observer,critic,analyst,etc 细心的观察者、评论者、分析者等 到沪江小D查看评论员的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 评论家的英文怎么说>> 评论的英文怎么说>> 评理用英文怎么说>> 评剧的英文怎么说>> 评介的英文怎么说>>

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    理了评论他人常用的英语口语,希望能够对大家有所帮助。 He's quick on the uptake. 他的理解力很强 He's a fast learner. He has a quick mind. He catches on quickly. He'll never let you down. 失望 He finished the job already. He's efficient. 他真能干。 He does things well and he gets them done quickly. He gets things done efficiently. He handles things quickly. He handles matters promptly. He's a good guy. He's a good man. He's a good person. He looks old for his age. *adj+for,好的英语站,好的.英语站,比… He's only 46. He looks older than he is. He looks young for his age. You look younger than me. We're the same age. You look younger than I do. That's the way he is. 他就是那种人 That's the kind of guy he is. Who is he like? 他长得像谁? What's Joe like? 乔这评论个人怎么样? He has a lot of common sense. 常识 He's wise for his age. 他虽年轻,却很博学 He's only ten and he made this. He's wise considering his age. He's wise for a man of his age. He knows a lot of people. 他交际很广 He's well-known. He's very popular. He has a large circle of acquaintances. He runs a lot of business. 他有很多生意 Yeah, he's a go-getter. 有才干的人 He's a man of action. He's a man of ability. You're so sympathetic.同情、体谅人的 He's faithful. 忠诚的,英语免费站,守信用的 He has a strong sense of duty. He has a deep voice. He has a low voice. His voice is very deep. He has put on weight. 他发福了 He has gained weight. He has lost weight. He's overweight. He's a fatso. 他是个胖猪。 He's fat. He's skinny. 他骨瘦如柴。 Sir, I don't think you should fire John. You have a lot of nerve.你真有胆量敢这么说 You're bold. 大胆的/不客气的 You're very brave. 勇敢 He didn't say anything. He's a very modest man. 谦虚、慎重 He's very polite. He doesn't like to brag. 他不喜欢吹牛 He isn't boastful. 自负 He has a good/bad temper. He's in a good/bad mood. *表示“现在正好情绪不错(不好)”,和上句语气不一样 There's something strange about her. There is something fishy about her. There is something odd about her. She's been edgy lately. 情绪急躁 Yeah, she's not herself.嗯,有点儿不太对劲 She's not acting like herself. She's not acting normally. She cut her hair very short. She's so weird. 她真让人捉摸不透。 She's bizarre. She's very strange. Tammy eats like a bird. 塔米饭量很小 She's on a diet. 她正减肥呢。 Tammy eats very little. Tammy doesn't eat very much. Tammy eats like a horse. 塔米特别能吃 She has a nice figure. 身材很好 She has a good figure. His best days are gone. 他已过壮年 He's past his prime. My father's getting on in years.上年纪 My father's becoming an old man. My father's getting older. What does he look like? 他长得什么样? They're making a big fuss.大声吵闹、喧哗 They're making a big deal about it. Does he smoke? Yes, he's a chain smoker. 抽个没完 He's a heavy smoker. He smokes non-stop. 以上就是为大家整理的评论他人常用的英语口语,希望能够对大家有所帮助。口语的提升是需要方法的,不要盲目的进行提升,否则是会影响到口语提升的速度。