• 星巴克要在北京开全球首家外带店,这很中国

    设了一家外带店。北京的这家店也有类似的地理位置,位于该城市的金融街,目的就是要帮助忙碌的人们更高效地喝到咖啡。[/cn] [en]Starbucks has more than 3,500 stores across China and has enabled mobile

  • Lady Gaga出彩妆了,这个画风你能接受吗?

    [en]Earlier this week, the world gained yet another celebrity beauty line in the form of Lady Gaga’s Haus Laboratories.[/en] [cn]本周早些时候,又有一款名人美容产品上市了,就是Lady Gaga的Haus Laboratories(美妆品牌)。[/cn] [en]Back then, we only knew the name (Haus), the slogan (“Our Haus. Your Rules.”), where it would live (Amazon) and the focus (makeup and color.)[/en] [cn]当时我们只知道品牌名称(Haus)、广告语(“Our Haus. Your Rules”)、出售平台(亚马逊)和主打产品(彩妆)。[/cn] [en]Now we have multiple faces, product shots, and swatches to look at.[/en] [cn]现在我们看到了多种妆容、产品照片和小样。[/cn] [en]Let’s break it down. There are six HAUS collections ($49) that each include a shimmery powder called Glam Attack, a creamy lip liner called RIP, and a high-shine lip gloss called Le Riot.[/en] [cn]我们来详细说明一下。HAUS一共6大系列(售价$49),每套里都有Glam Attack闪粉、RIP滋润唇线笔和Le Riot高光唇彩。[/cn] [en]All six Hauses have names and what seems to be distinctive personalities, just like the Hogwarts ones.[/en] [cn]所有6个系列的HAUS产品都有名字,各具特色,就像霍格沃茨学院一样。[/cn] [en]There’s HAUS of Chained Ballerina, HAUS of Goddess, HAUS of Rose B*tch (personal favorite already), HAUS of Rockstar, HAUS of Dynasty, and HAUS of Metal Head, which you can see modeled by Gaga and swiped on a variety of arms below.[/en] [cn]6个系列包括HAUS of Chained Ballerina、HAUS of Goddess、HAUS of Rose B*tch(我个人最爱)、HAUS of Rockstar、HAUS of Dynasty和HAUS of Metal Head,你都可以看到Gaga本人亲自试妆,下面还有各种肤色的胳膊试色。[/cn] [en]There will also be nine limited-time duo sets that will also be available for preorder on Prime Day — that is, this Monday, July 15 — while supplies last.[/en] [cn]在Prime会员日,也

  • 华为首款5G手机即将发售

    发售,VentureBeat(科技博客网站)表示这款手机现在可以从亚马逊意大利网站预订,发布日期是7月22日,7月12日在阿联酋发售。[/cn] [en]The Huawei Mate 20 X 5G is very similar to the existing Mate 20 X externally, with the same 7.2-inch screen, and trio of rear cameras.[/en] [cn]华为Mate 20 X 5G外观和现在的Mate 20 X很像,都有7.2英寸的屏幕和三个后置摄像头。[/cn] [en]However, internally its

  • 摩纳哥成为欧洲首个5G全覆盖的国家,华为铺的

    度上还存在争议。[/cn] [en]Offering super-fast wireless access, 5G mobile networks offer much greater data transfer speeds.[/en] [cn]5G移动网络提供超快的无线连接,数据传输速度也快得多了。[/cn] [en]In September, Monaco Telecom, which is owned by French billionaire Xavier Niel, signed an agreement with Huawei to make the tiny principality the first country in Europe fully covered by 5G.[/en] [cn]法国亿万富翁泽维尔•尼尔旗下的摩纳哥电信公司于九月份与华为签署了一项协议,使这个小国成为欧洲第一个实现5G全覆盖的国家。[/cn] 图片来源:视觉中国 [en]"We are the first state to be entirely covered by a 5G network," said Monaco Telecom president Etienne Franzi at the inauguration ceremony.[/en] [cn]摩纳哥电信公司董事长艾蒂安·弗兰齐在开通仪式上说:“我们是第一个实现5G网络全覆盖的国家”。[/cn] [en]"In Monaco, the 5G is the promise of a better quality of life for all and exceptional opportunities," added the principality's head of digital transition Frederic Genta.[/en] [cn]摩纳哥数字化转型主管弗雷德里克·根塔补充说:“在摩纳哥,5G一定会为所有人提供更好的生活质量和非凡的机遇。”[/cn] [en]For Huawei vice president Guo Ping, the rollout in Monaco is a major opportunity despite the small size of territory covered.[/en] [cn]华为副总裁郭平说虽然此次在摩纳哥开通5G覆盖面积比较小,但也是一次重大机遇。[/cn] [en]"It allows us to make a shop window in a number of areas, notably linking 5G development to this intelligent state.[/en] [cn]“这让我们在一些地

  • 纽约市遭遇大规模停电,大半个城瞬间停滞

    粉丝唱歌。[/cn] [en]Ironically, the incident took place on the anniversary of the famous New York City blackout of 1977, as many Twitter observers pointed out.[/en] [cn]讽刺的是,很多推特用户指出这次停电事故发生时正好是著名的1977年纽约市停电纪念日。[/cn]   翻译:菲菲

  • 俄罗斯立法禁止养熊等猛兽做宠物

    and some species of ostriches have been added to the list of birds banned from homesteads.[/en][cn]企鹅、鹈鹕、猫头鹰、猎鹰和某些鸵鸟也禁止家养。[/cn] [en]Chimpanzees, baboons and other apes and monkeys have also been forbidden from being kept at home, with the Barbary ape (magot) being the only exception.[/en][cn]黑猩猩、狒狒和其他猿类、猴子

  • Facebook公司遭遇毒气攻击?

    到了医院里,但并没有消息称他们有任何生病的症状。[/cn] [en]Mr Harrison wrote: ‘Authorities have not yet identified the substance found.’[/en][cn]哈里森先生写道:“政府当局还未确认发现的物质。”[/cn] [en]Menlo Park Fire Marshal Jon Johnston added: ‘We have two possible exposures but right now they are not exhibiting any signs or symptoms.’[/en][cn]门罗帕克消防局长乔恩·约翰斯顿补充道:“我们认为,他们接触到的物质有两种可能性,但目前他们并没有表现出任何迹象或症状。”[/cn] [en]Incoming mail undergoing routine processing by machine tested positive for sarin, but it could have been a false positive, Mr Johnston said.[/en][cn]约翰斯顿先生表示,机器对外来邮件进行的例行检测显示,沙林检测的结果呈阳性,但也有可能是误报。[/cn] [en]The FBI is assisting in the investigation, as is common in incidents such as this one.[/en][cn]美国联邦调查局在协助调查此事,这在这样的事件中是很常见的。[/cn] [en]The federal Centres for Disease Control and Prevention says sarin is a chemical warfare agent that is a clear, colourless, odourless and tasteless liquid.[/en][cn]联邦疾病控制预防中心表示,沙林是一种战争化学毒剂,它是一种透明无色无味的液体。[/cn] [en]It can evaporate into the environment, prompting symptoms within seconds.[/en][cn]它

  • 英国王室的关系变幻莫测,女王要给梅根办生日会


  • 海王为Apple拍的新科幻剧,1500万美金一集


  • Quora精选:最奇葩的旷课理由

    还是待在床下不出来。它的爪子挠进了地毯里,在双人床下面中间像死了一样。[/cn] [en]The cat had thick enough fur he was unharmed even though the fur on his belly was frizzy and burned to little more than stubble. The whole apartment stunk of burnt hair for a week.[/en][cn]虽然它肚子上的毛是卷的并且烧的就剩茬了,但身上的毛够厚没学受伤。整个公寓里一星期都充斥着毛发烧焦的味道。[/cn] [en]The teacher wasn’t sure whether to believe me or not but he said it was original enough he didn’t care.[/en][cn]老师不确定是否该相信我,但他说这个理由原创性强,所以他不在乎。[/cn]   (翻译:菲菲)