• 英语拓展阅读:春天

    usually take a raincoat or an umbrella with them? 5. Why do people in England often talk about the weather? 答案: 1. C 解析:通读全文可知本文讨论的是英国的天气,选C 2. B 解析:乌云来是要下雨了,选B 3. A 解析:在冬天里过夏天当然是说有时天气很暖和,选A 4. Because it often rains in England. 解析:因为英国经常下雨 5. Because they may experience four seasons in one day. 解析:In England, people often talk about the weather because they can experience four seasons in one day. 文首一句告诉我们答案。 英语扩展阅读系列>>>

  • 英语拓展阅读:英国人的习惯

    选择C 3.A 解析:解释词义,应选择A 4. Volleyball. 解析:Among all games, volleyball is my favourite.一句指出作者最喜欢排球 5. Yes, because through these activities we can learn many things and they are also good for our health. 解析:由最后一段全段可知作者喜欢参加这些活动,并指出了这些活动的好处 英语扩展阅读系列>>>

  • 英语拓展阅读:全球定位系统

    until his was the only yellow Beta 400s in the car-park 选B 4. (Because he likes to do the same things as other people.) 解析:Mr. Perkin did not like to be different. 5. (Mr. Perkin couldn't find his car until his was the only yellow Beta 400s in the car-park.) 解析:Poor Mr. Perkin had to wait nearly two hours until his was the only yellow Beta 400s in the car-park 英语扩展阅读系列>>>

  • 英语拓展阅读:旅美小常识

    ,又如何改口呢? 3. 谦虚(modest)并非美德(virtue) 中国人视谦虚为美德。但是美国人却把过谦视为虚伪(deceptive)的代名词。如果一个能操流利英语的人自谦说英语讲得不好,接着又说出一口流畅的英语,美国人便会认为他撒了谎,是个口是心非、装腔作势的人。所以,同美国人交往,应该大胆说出自己的能力,有一是一,有十是十,不必谦虚客气,否则反而事与愿违。 拓展阅读: Christmas in America Christmas is the most important [w]festival[/w] in the western world. It falls on December

  • 英语拓展阅读:艺人的生活

    解析:她是个老师,所以在学校工作选A 3. B 解析:she always walks there in the morning.选B 4. Yes, he does. Because he comes to Mrs. Jones and puts his arms around her. 解析:A small boy looks at her for a few seconds and says, “Don't cry, school isn't very bad.” With these words he puts his arms around her. 5. Because the cold wind goes into her eyes. 解析:It's very cold, the cold wind goes into her eyes and big tears run out of them. 英语扩展阅读系列>>>

  • 英语拓展阅读:加拿大的节假日

    就是12月26日(如遇星期天则顺延一天),大家余兴未消,又进入了节礼日。本节日始于英国,传统上是向邮递员等送礼的日子。       拓展阅读:   My Vacation   My vacation was very interesting. I did my homework on the first day. Then I played table tennis on the second day. On the third day, I watched TV and went shopping on the fourth day. But I liked my going shopping best.   On Sunday, I went to a shopping center with my mother. The shopping center wasn't far from my home. It took us about ten minutes to get there on foot. The shopping center was very big. There were all kinds of things. Every day a lot of people go there to buy things. It opens at eight in the morning and closes at nine at night. Now, I was helping my mother buying things. I had a shopping list in my hand. We were looking for things on the shopping list. After staying in the shopping center for about two hours, we got all the things and walked home.   What did you do when you were on vacation?     1. What did the writer do on the second day in vacation?   A. Did her homework. B. Played table tennis.   C. Played computer games. D. Watched TV.   2. On Sunday, the writer went to with her mother.   A. buy some things B. a shopping center far away   C. a restaurant near her house D. a museum   3. It took the writer to get the shopping center.   A. less than 10 minutes on foot B. more than 10 minutes on foot   C. 10 minutes by bike D. less than 12 minutes on foot   4. According to this passage, how did the writer felt about her vacation?   5. Please describe the shopping center with your own words.   答案:   1. B   解析:文中第一段指出,在假期的第一天作者写了作业,第二天打了乒乓球。B选项正确。   2. A   解析:文中第二段指出,在周日的时候他和妈妈一起去了离家不远的购物中心买东西。B选项错在far away,不选。所以我们只能选择A,作者和妈妈去买东西。   3. D   解析:文中第二段指出,作者用了大概十分钟的时间走到购物中心,这里的about并不能使我们知道到底是多于十分钟还是少于十分钟。但我们可以知道比十二分钟要短。   4、She thought it was very interesting and she liked her vacation very much.   解析:文章开头便指出了作者认为自己的假期非常有意思。   5、It was near the writer's house and was very big. There were all kinds of things in it. Too many people went there to buy things every day.   解析:我们只要把第二段讲述的购物中心的特征摘出来即可。该购物中心大、人多、东西也多。  解析:由最后一段全段可知作者喜欢参加这些活动,并指出了这些活动的好处  英语扩展阅读系列>>>

  • 英语拓展阅读:中国仅存10株以下的珍稀植物调查

    the flowering plants, one finds rootless forms. These flowering plants are "the higher plants" because they evolved recently and are thus considered higher on the evolutionary scale.说明选C 3. A 解析:通读全文可知选A 4. taking up water 解析:All plant cells are capable of taking up water. 原句 5. the higher plants 解析:These flowering plants are "the higher plants" because they evolved recently and are thus considered higher on the evolutionary scale一句得到答案 英语扩展阅读系列>>>

  • 英语拓展阅读:电影的起源

    B 解析:The film won the Palme d'Or for Best Film at the Cannes Film Festival held in France in late May. 选B 3. A 解析:but at the end of the story, there is a big surprise 选A 4. (school shooting.) 解析:The idea for the film came from a school shooting (枪杀) in the US in 1999. 原句 5. (Cannes Film Festival began in 1946.) 解析:Cannes Film Festival began in 1946 and is still an important yearly film festival. 原句 英语扩展阅读系列>>>

  • 英语拓展阅读:干旱

    常指淡水总量少,不足以满足人的生存和经济发展的气候现象,一般是长期的现象,干旱从古至今都是人类面临的主要自然灾害。即使在科学技术如此发达的今天,它造成的灾难性后果仍然比比皆是。尤其值得注意的是,随着人类的经济发展和人口膨胀,水资源短缺现象日趋严重,这也直接导致了干旱地区的扩大与干旱化程度的加重,干旱化趋势已成为全球关注的问题。 拓展阅读: My family and I lived across the street from Southway Park since I was four years old. Then just last year they city put a [w]chain[/w] link [w]fence[/w] around the park and started [w=bulldoze]bulldozing[/w] (用推土机推平) the trees and grass to make way for a new apartment [w]complex[/w]. When I saw the fence and bulldozers, I asked myself, “Why don’t they just leave it alone?” Looking back, I think what [w=sentence]sentenced[/w] the part to [w]oblivion[/w] (别遗忘) was the [w]drought[/w] (旱灾) we had about four years ago. Up until then, Southway Park was a nice green park with plenty of trees and a public swimming pool. My friends and I [w=rollerskate]rollerskated[/w] on the sidewalks, climbed the trees, and swam in the pool all the years I was growing up. The park was almost like my own yard. Then the summer I was fifteen the drought came and things changed. There had been almost no rain at all that year. The city stopped watering the park grass. Within a few weeks I found myself living across the street from a huge brown [w]desert[/w]. Leaves fell off the park tress, and pretty soon the trees started dying, too. Next, the park swimming pool was closed. The city cut down on the work force that kept the park, and pretty soon it just got too ugly and dirty to enjoy anymore. As the drought lasted into the fall, the park got worse every month. The rubbish piled up or blew across the brown grass. Soon the only people in the park were beggars and other people down on their luck. People said drugs were being sold or traded there now. The park had gotten [w]scary[/w], and my mother told us kids not to go there anymore. The drought finally ended and things seemed to get back to normal, that is, everything but the park. It had gotten into such bad shape that the city just let it stay that way. Then about six months ago I heard that the city was going to “[w]redevelop[/w]” certain [w]worn-out[/w] areas of the city. It turned out that the city had planned to get rid of the park, sell the land and let someone build rows of apartment buildings on it. The chain-link fencing and the bulldozers did their work. Now we live across the street from six rows of apartment buildings. Each of them is three units high and stretches a block in each direction. The neighborhood has changed without the park. The streets I used to play in are jammed with cars now. Things will never be the same again. Sometimes I wonder, though, what changes another drought would make in the way things are today. 客观题: 1. How did the writer feel when he saw the fence and bulldozers? A. Scared. B. Confused. C. Upset. D. Curious. 2. Why was the writer told not to go to the park by his mother? A. It was being rebuilt. B. It was dangerous. C. It because crowded. D. It had turned into a desert. 3. According to the writer, what [w]eventually[/w] brought about the [w]disappearance[/w] of the park? A. The drought. B. The crime. C. The beggars and the rubbish. D. The decisions of the city. 4. The last sentence of the passage implies that if another drought came, ______. A. the situation would be much worse B. people would have to desert their homes C. the city would be fully prepared in advance D. the city would have to [w]redevelop[/w] the [w]neighborhood[/w] 参考答案: 1、答案:C 解析:推理判断题。根据第一段叙述了解到作者从四岁开始住在Southway Park对面。从第二段了解到作者小时候和朋友在公园里玩耍。而现在公园被围了起来,事实上,作者是很失望、沮丧,自己不能去玩了,而且树都被砍掉了。 2、答案:B 解析:推理判断题。仔细阅读第四段,可以了解到,公园被废弃了,里面住着流浪汉,甚至有人贩毒,所以母亲叮嘱我们不

  • 英语拓展阅读:交通

    货源上盲目竞争的现象较为普遍。 拓展阅读: We are well aware of the role of modern transportation in our lives. Not too long ago, people endured great hardship in order to make a long journey. Moving heavy goods from one town to another involved hard labor. Today, we enjoy the [w