1. It’s not fair that you come home after a bad day at work and ____ your wife and children.  
A. take it out on        B. take out it on        C. take out on      D. take on it with  

2. She put an extra blanket over the baby for fear that____.  
A. he catches cold     B. he should catch cold     C. he caught cold     D. he be catching cold  

3. Our teacher recommended that we ____ as attentive as possible when we visit the museum.  
A. are      B. shall be       C. be      D. were  
4. You ____ business interfering with my affairs.  
A. have none    B. have no      C. have none of the       D. have nothing like  
5. The new cut in interest rate ____ promote domestic investment.  
A. means to    B. directs toward      C. is meant to     D. leads to  
6. Advertising media like direct mail, radio, television and newspapers ____to increase the sales of industrial products.  
A. have been used      B. will be used      C. is being used       D. has been used
 7. While being questioned on the court, the man denied ____ the old lady’s necklace.
 A. having taken     B. taking     C. to have taken      D. to take  
8. Dr. Park was accused    the patient with overdose of sleeping pills so that the patient’s life was terminated before the expected time.  
A. of providing     B. with providing     C. to have provided    D. to provide  
9. By the end of next month we ____ this assignment.  
A. will finish  B. will be finishing  C. will have finished  D. have finished  
10. We will be losing money this year unless that new economic plan of yours ____ miracle.  
A. is working    B. works      C. will be working    D. worked  
 1. A) 【句意】白天的工作不顺心,回到家里拿老婆孩子出气,这是不公平的。  
【难点】take it out on sb. 意为―拿某人出气‖,其中it是无人称代词,无所指,这是一个固定 的结构。  
2. B) 【句意】由于害怕孩子感冒,她在孩子身上又盖了一条毯子。  
【难点】for fear that 后接虚拟语气,(should)+动词原形。  
3. C) 【句意】我们的教师建议我们参观博物馆的时候注意力应尽可能集中。  
【难点】recommend, command, suggest 等词后接的宾语从句应用虚拟语气,即(should)+动词原形。  
4. B) 【句意】你没有权力干涉我们的事情。  
【难点】have no business doing /to do something 意为―没有权力,没有理由做某事‖
5. C) 【句意】利率再次下调旨在促进国内投资。  
难点】be meant to do 意为―旨在做 ‖; mean to do 意为―打算做,企图做‖; lead to 意为―导致‖,后接名词。  
6. A) 【句意】像直接邮件、无线电、电视和报纸这样的广告媒介一直被用来促进工业品的销售。  
【难点】根据句意,应用完成时的被动语态,media 是medium 的复数形式。  
7. A) 【句意】法庭传训他的时候,他否认拿了老太太的项链。  
8. A) 【句意】帕克大夫被指控向患者提供过量的安眠药,结果造成病人在预期的时间前死亡。  
【难点】be accused of 是个常见的词组,意为―被控有…罪‖。
 9. C) 【句意】到下月底,我将完成这项任务。  
【难点】by the end of next month (year)是将来完成时的典型状语,故选C)。
 10. B) 【句意】除非你的新经济计划创造奇迹,否则我们将赔钱。  
【难点】unless 引导条件状语从句,用一般现在时表示将来。