1. Agriculture is the country's chief source of wealth, wheat ____ by far the biggest cereal crop.  
A. is   B. been   C. be   D. being  

2. Jack ____ from home for two days now, and I am beginning to worry about his safety.  
  A. has been missing   B. has been missed   C. had been missing   D. was missed
3. ____ if I had arrived yesterday without letting you know beforehand?
A. Would you be surprised      B. Were you surprised 
C. Had you been surprised      D. Would you have been surprised                
4. If not ____ with the respect he feels due to him, Jack gets very ill-tempered and grumbles all the time. 
A. being treated     B. treated   C. be treated       D. having been treated                              
5. It was suggested that all government ministers should ____ information on their financial     interests. 
A. discover     B. uncover     C. tell     D. disclose 
6. As my exams are coming next week, I’ll take advantage of the weekend to ____ on some reading. 
A. catch up     B. clear up    C. make up    D. pick up
7. Mary hopes to be ____ from hospital next week. 
A. dismissed     B. discharged   C. expelled   D. resigned
8. Jimmy earns his living by ____ works of art in the museum.
A. recovering    B. restoring   C. renewing   D. reviving 
9. I couldn’t sleep last night because the tap in the bathroom was ____.
A. draining      B. dropping     C. spilling    D. dripping
10. He plays tennis to the ____ of all other sports. 
A. eradication    B. exclusion    C. extension    D. inclusion
 1. 答案:D  
  参考译文:农业是这个国家财富主要的来源,其中小麦是最主要的谷类作物。    【试题分析】 本题考查对非谓语动词的掌握。  
  【详细解答】 这是一个独立主格结构。wheat前用逗号,且没有连词,表示这一句起
2. 答案:A  
  参考译文:到目前为止,杰克已经失踪两天了,我开始担心他的安全。    【试题分析】 本题考查时态的用法。  
  【详细解答】 由句中时间状语―for some time now‖可知,这里要用现在完成时;选项A为现在完成进行时,表示动作从过去某一时间一直持续到现在,故为正确答案。
  参考译文:如果昨天没有提前通知你,我就来了,你会觉得奇怪吗?   试题分析:本题考查的是虚拟语气的用法。 
  详细解答:条件状语从句中的主语和谓语动词被省略了,全句应为 ―If (Jack is) not treated…‖.故选项B为正确答案
  参考译文:所有的部长都得公开关于他们财政税收的信息。   试题分析:本题是动词近义词辨析题。 
  详细解答:disclose意为 to make known publicly,―(公开的)说出,透露‖;而discover意为―发现‖;uncover意为―揭露,发现‖,与discover意思接近。故选项D为正确答案。
  参考译文:下星期就要考试了,周末我会抽时间赶做些阅读。   试题分析:本题考察的是动词词组的搭配。   详细解答:catch up(on)赶上(进度);而选项B, C, D都不能和on搭配,clear up意为―解释;整理‖;make up意为―捏造‖;pick up意为―获得‖。由此可知,选项D为正确答案。
  详细解答:discharge意为―离开,放(某人)走‖;而dismiss意为―派遣,解散‖;expel意为―抵制‖;resign意为―辞职‖。 根据句意,选项B为正确答案。
  参考译文:吉米靠修复在博物馆的艺术品来度日   试题分析:本题考查的是动词辨析。 
  详细解答: restore意为―(使)恢复原样,修复(健康,家具,艺术品)‖:而recover意为―康复‖,renew意为―翻新,更新‖,revive意为―复活,再流行‖,根据句意,选项B为正确答案。
  参考译文:浴室水龙头的滴水声使我昨夜无法入眠。   试题分析:本题考查的是动词辨析。 
  参考译文:他只打网球,其它的体育项目一律不参加。   试题分析:本题考查的是固定搭配。 
  详细解答:to the exclusion of意为―把…排斥在外‖;而选项A, C, D都没有这种搭配用法。因此B项是正确答案。