Her parents' split has led to rumours of discord in Taylor Swift's company.
Taylor Swift父母的分开导致了她的公司中有不和的消息传出。

But while her private life may be unsettled, there is nothing messy about Taylor.

The country pop singer looked pretty as a picture in her peach and pink pastel outfit as she stepped out in New York on Thursday.

But while Taylor is enjoying big city life in New York, back home in Tennessee things are rather more fraught.

Sources have claimed to the New York Post's Page Six that Taylor's parents, Scott and Andrea Swift, are allegedly 'very hard to please' and have become 'incredibly difficult to deal with', even playing a part in 'edging out' several members of staff at their daughter's company, 13 Management, which they run.
《纽约邮报》八卦版“第六页”收到消息称,Taylor的父母Scott和Andrea Swift被认为是“非常难以取悦”并且正变得“更加难以相处”,甚至在他们运营的女儿的13 Management公司里参与“排挤”了许多员工。

Publicist Paula Erickson had worked for the star for almost seven years but quit in March - and it is claimed she only gave 60 days' notice.
Publicist Paula Erickson在Taylor身边工作了将近七年了,但是却在三月辞职了——据称她仅提前了两个月通知大家。

A source told the publication: 'Taylor’s parents think they can do things better, and what makes things complicated is that they no longer live together.'