John Mayer kicked off his Born & Raised Tour Saturday night in Milwaukee with love.
当地时间上周六晚,约翰·梅尔用爱的告白开始了自己Born & Raised世界巡回演唱会密尔沃基站。

Dedicating his romantic jam "A Face to Call Home" to girlfriend Katy Perry, sharing his feelings in front of a massive crowd (and the singer herself) how Katy stood by his side as he recovered from throat surgery.
演唱会上,他将自己的一曲浪漫情歌"A Face to Call Home"献给了女友凯蒂·佩里,在全场歌迷(也包括女友本人)面前诉说在他咽喉手术后的恢复过程中,凯蒂如何陪在自己身边。

Mayer shared Katy is "more incredible than I ever thought," adding that the "Wide Awake" singer would help him communicate when he didn't have his voice while he was forced to take 10 months off for vocal rest.
梅尔说凯蒂“比我所想象的更加不可思议”,他还补充说,在他被迫静养声带10个月不能够发声的期间,凯蒂——这位演唱了"Wide Awake"的女歌手——帮助自己和其他人沟通交流。

"She would order for me...and she would tell people, 'it's nice to meet you, he says'...When I was in Montana...with bad service... she was so patient as to continue to get to know me and love me."

He then ended his adorable soliloquy, "To Katy, who is my face to call home."