Reports that Avril Lavigne told Nickelback's Chad Kroeger "I'm With You" as the Canadian rockers tied the knot in the South of France turned out not to be true – or, at least, it appears, premature.

A source close to the Avril camp tells PEOPLE that the wedding did not happen Saturday.

Word had spread after E! News, quoting a source, announced that the nuptials had taken place. The Daily Mail also cited a Tweet by Mike Heller, the CEO of the talent company that represents Lavigne.

Saturday morning Heller posted: "I'm in south of France about to see my little Rok star #avril get married I am so happy to be part of this special celebration."


今天,多家外国媒体爆出Avril已同未婚夫Chad Kroeger在法国低调完婚的消息。但是《HELLO CANADA》杂志主编和Avril团队进行了确认,证实Avril还没有结婚,但预计婚礼在这两天就会举行,极有可能是7月1日,因为这天既是加拿大国庆日,也是两人约会一周年纪念日。

此前的谣言主要由Avril的好友Mike Heller发布的一条推特引起,但是Heller在推特中只是说自己目前在法国南部,将要见证Avril的婚礼,并没说Avril已经结婚。