Metropolis 大都市

Nowadays, it refers to a large city — particularly an important one.

In ancient Greece, metropolis referred to the mother city of a colony. Metropolis comes from the Greek mētēr ("mother") + polis ("city").

Matrix 母体,背景,模型

The term originates in the Latin mater, meaning "mother."

The original (now-archaic) meaning of matrix was "uterus." Today the word usually refers to a situation or set of conditions in which something develops or forms.

Alma Mater 母校

Alma mater refers either to a school one attended, or to that school's song.
Alma mater指“母校”或者母校的校歌。

The ancients used alma mater as a title for such goddesses as Ceres, the Roman goddess of the growth of food plants, and Cybele, who was worshipped as the universal mother of gods, humans, and animals.
古代的人用alma mater来指代谷神星(古罗马掌管谷物生长的女神)和希比利神(亦称“众神之母”,是宇宙中一切神、人类和动物之母)。

Matrimony 婚姻

Matrimony joins two people, but that pairing is rooted in one word: mother.

Matrimony comes from mater, Latin for "mother." This reflects the traditional role of marriage in legalizing motherhood – allowing women to produce legitimate children and heirs.

Matter 物质

The fact of the matter is this: the Latin word for "mother," mater, is this word's distant ancestor.

Mater was shaped into materia, meaning "physical substance" or "matter." Materia eventually developed into matter.

Why did mother lead to matter? The connection is uncertain, but perhaps it's because matter is the substance from which something is made; and it is mother from which we all are made.