We take so much for granted

Like going to school

Watching TV

Seeing a movie

Keeping warm at night

It's easy to forget that every day,

millions of people living in poverty

are fighting for their lives.

Progress is being made.

Tens of millions more kids in school.

Millions of people on life-saving AIDS medicine.

And Malaria deaths cut in half in countries all across Africa.

But more needs to be done.

This is not about charity.

It's about justice.

It's about equality.

Over the course of history, young people -- like us -- have made a difference.

We have changed laws.

We have broken barriers.

We have decided elections.

We can defeat extreme poverty and preventable disease.

By all working together across borders, time zones, cultures ...

Through awareness, advocacy and action.

As college students, you have the power to build a better future.

Create a buzz.

The more people talk, the more we can accomplish.

You and me, all of us.

Coming together as ONE.

Join us.

Go to one.org