With their fluffy white paws and big black eyes gazing lovingly into the camera, it’s hard to believe these puppies are struggling to find an owner willing to take care of them.

The huskies were born in a rescue centre after their pregnant mother had been turned out onto the street.

She is one of many ‘wolf breed’ dogs abandoned recently in a spate that has been blamed on cult TV series Game of Thrones.

Fans of the show, which has featured ‘direwolves’ played by Northern Inuit dogs, are thought to have rushed to buy similar breeds because of their beautiful looks – without thinking through the practicalities of owning such large, energetic pets.

Named Taboo, Taco, Tacona, Taloola, Tasha and Taz, the six husky puppies are part of a litter of nine – seven girls and two boys. Their mother, Tala, gave birth to them six weeks ago at the Blue Cross centre in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, after being found pregnant, hungry and wandering the streets.
这群小哈士奇一共有9只,7只母的2只公的。图中的6只分别名叫Taboo, Taco, Tacona, Taloola, Tasha和Taz。它们的妈妈Tala六周前在英国北约克郡瑟斯克的蓝十字救助中心生下了这些小哈士奇,Tala之前是在街上被发现的,那时候的她已经怀孕,正饿着肚子在街上流浪。

Tala is thought to have been dumped by her owners when they realised they were about to have a whole pack of huskies to feed and look after.

Staff at the centre are looking for kind-hearted and responsible members of the public to give the puppies the homes they so desperately need.

Blue Cross, which cares for ill and abandoned pets, said the number of huskies and similar breeds taken to its 12 rehoming centres across the UK had increased by 700 per cent over the past five years.

Animal charity Dogs Trust has a total of 34 Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies at its 19 rehoming centres.

Lynn Barber, its head of training and behaviour, said yesterday: ‘These dogs are beautiful creatures and can make wonderful companions, but they need owners who understand the demands of this breed and are in a position to offer a lifetime commitment.’