U.K. movie distributor and financier Goldcrest Film Distribution III Limited has filed a breach of contract suit against Summit Distribution, charging that on the 2008 movieTwilight it used “deceptive accounting practices” to “systematically understate revenues and overstate its costs."
英国电影经销商和投资商Goldcrest Film Distribution III 有限公司以违反合同为由将Summit Distribution公司告上法庭,声称其对于2008年的《暮光之城》电影采用了“欺诈性的财务手段”“系统性的低估利润并高估成本”。

Goldcrest claims it is due an additional payment of nearly $7 million and possibly much more, and says Summit has refused to provide the full documentation from the making and selling of the movie and it needs to determine what is owed.

Defendant made over $39.3 million worth of errors in the calculation of the Goldcrest Participations,” says the suit, “resulting in a $6.3 million loss to Goldcrest and its other counterparties in the transaction.”

In the filing in L.A. Superior Court on Wednesday, Goldcrest cited payments made to castmembers and the writers as items for which it was improperly charged.

The suit says that after Twilight became a much bigger success than expected, as part of plans to continue the series, Summit went back to actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg and book author Stephenie Meyer and voluntarily paid bonuses totaling $6 million ($2.5 million each to Pattinson and Stewart, and $500,000 each to Rosenberg and Meyer).
案宗显示当暮光之城的实际收效比预期要好得多的时候,为了继续拍摄后续系列电影,Summit公司又找到了两位主演Robert Pattinson和Kristen Stewart,编剧Melissa Rosenberg和原著作者Stephenie Meyer,并且主动支付给他们总价值6百万美元的奖金。(其中两位主演每人250万美金,编剧和作者每人五十万美金)

The real purpose of that money, says the suit, was to convince the actors and writers to sign on for the first sequel, New Moon, charges Goldcrest, and so that money should not have been recorded as an expense against their profit participation.