Rihanna will hit the "Saturday Night Live" stage for the third time when she performs on the legendary sketch comedy show on May 5. New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning will host.

The pop star has a long history with the show and has always been a standout guest. While she always nails it on stage for her musical performance, Rihanna also tends to pop up throughout the show to flex her comedy muscles in sketches and, most notably, in rumored-to-be-departing Andy Samberg's buzzed-about digital shorts.

Her first "Shy Ronnie" short landed an Emmy nomination and she reprised the role for another digital short over Halloween weekend in 2010, playing Clyde to Shy Ronnie's Bonnie as the unlikely couple holds up a bank and Ronnie's bashful nature causes their plan to go array.

For all intents and purposes, Rihanna's appearance is to promote both her album Talk That Talk and her film debut in the upcoming "Battleship," but for those still keeping an eye on the happenings of Ri Ri and ex Chris Brown, it's worth noting that May 5 is also Brown's birthday, so get ready for plenty of "will Chris Brown show up for a surprise appearance" speculation.

The gig will be Manning's first time hosting, though he made a brief cameo when his brother, Peyton, hosted in 2007.

Are you excited for Rihanna's "SNL" return? Do you think Chris Brown will show up with some "Birthday Cake"? Let us know in the comments below!

沪江娱乐快讯:美国当红歌坛女神蕾哈娜已经确定将与今年赢得橄榄球超级碗的纽约巨人队巨星Eli Manning一起主持即将于5月5日播出的一集《周六夜现场》(Saturday Night Live,简称SNL)。Eil将为主持人,而蕾哈娜将为表演嘉宾。

Eli Mannings的参演,是随着上周六由乔什·布洛林主持的一集播出时宣布的,这个年轻的美国运动界新人将会撑起开场的搞笑独白,并会出现在多支小品中。他也并不是第一个主持SNL的橄榄球运动员,之前他的弟弟Peyton Manning以及邦辰的老公汤姆·布拉迪都曾经站在过NBC的直播舞台上。而蕾哈娜最近也祭出了自己的大银幕处子秀,在《战舰》中演了一把美国女大兵。

最近SNL中的不少常规角色都将离开,其中包括大家非常熟悉的《伴娘》女星克里斯汀·韦格,而之前曾经主持过MTV电影颁奖礼的安迪·萨姆伯格和杰森·苏戴奇斯也都有离开传闻。即便如此,最近几期的客串嘉宾都很给力,在上周的固定板块Digital Short-数码短片中,大导演史蒂文·斯皮尔伯格也客串了一把,和安迪·萨姆伯格、比尔·哈德尔一同向制作人Lorne Michaels推荐新科幻短片《镭射猫7》(Laser Cats)……