1.Mother in her quiet way to express her love for us,everything is grows in the hearts of children.Remember to tell mom,you love her!

2.A mother's love is a pastoral,deep clean; A mother's love is a landscape painting, natural and pure and fresh; A mother's love is a song, deep feeling.

3.No known a mother's love such as spring night rain, such as dusk through the forest of the night breeze,such as every ray of sunshine in the morning,accompany in your things come when you least expect.

4.A mother's love is of green space,and it was pleasant and wheat grass. She makes the air is fresh, the profusion of flowers, butterflies. She is the only side pure land pollution is not fame and wealth.

5.A mother's love is the warm heart of the sun;A mother's love is moist rain in your mind. A mother's love is the fertile soil of irrigation heart;A mother's love is to beautify the rainbow of the mind.

6.The mother's breath is aye sweet.