1. Do you love life? Then do not squander time; for that's the stuff life is made of.
1. 你热爱生命吗?那么,别浪费时间,因为生命是由时间组成的。(本杰明·富兰克林)

2. Whatever business you'e in, it's going to commoditize over time. It's going to devalue. You've got to keep moving it to a higher value.
2. 无论你从事哪一个行业,它迟早会实现商品化。它会贬值。你必须不断为之增值。(罗睿兰)

3.No matter how good the science gets, there are problems that inevitably depend on judgement, on art, on a feel for financial markets.
3. 不管科学有多好,仍然不可避免地会有要依靠判断和手法、依靠对金融市场的某种感觉来解决的问题。(马丁·费尔德斯坦 )

4. Scrutiny is part of the job, and good leaders accept that. The really good ones figure out how to create a system and a culture of feedback that is safe.
4. 接受审视原本就是高管工作的一部分,好的领导者早已接受这一事实。真正优秀的领导者还会创造一种安全的回馈系统和文化。(托马斯·萨波里托)

5. If you have a frame of reference to judge your work, then you have not ventured far enough into the unknown.
5. 如果用一个参考框架来评判工作,那你一定没有冒险深入无人之境。(谭启明)

6. The consequences of making a poor hiring decision, up and down the line, are expensive.
6. 糟糕的招聘决策差不多都会让公司付出不小的代价。(迈克尔·艾特金)

7. People you know will always have your back, not when you're standing on top of the mountain but in the deepest ditch.
7. 你熟悉的人总会在身后支持你,不是当你身处巅峰时,而是在你陷入低谷的时候。(杰克·斯坦菲尔德)

8. Women have been socialized in certain ways that make them quite good negotiators, the biggest hurdle is usually persuading them to try.
8. 女性在某些方面更善于交际,但最大的障碍往往就在于你得说服她们去尝试。(詹尼佛·艾琳 )

9.Advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals.
9. 广告人忽视研究,会像将领忽视破译敌人信号密码一样危险。(大卫·奥格威)

10. The less financial pressure you put on yourself at the outset, the more likely you are to succeed.
10. 在开始创业的时候,你面临的财务压力越小,就越有可能取得成功。(苏珊·斯宾塞 )