24 (Fox)《反恐24小时》第八季即将于2010年1月上映,是中国观众比较熟悉的剧集,每一集都是紧张的44分钟,让你过足瘾。
An action and drama series, 24 is a popular espionage show, following Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) in "real-time" mode. Each episode highlights approximately 44 minutes of the characters' lives, which sets a unique style to the show. Season 8 will be premiering on January 2010.


30 Rock (NBC)《我为喜剧狂》得奖专业户,说的是喜剧制作人的故事,女主角蒂娜·菲超级有才,目前该剧进入到第四季。
Who doesn't love a little Tina Fey-created humor? 30 Rock is a comedic story of a head writer attempting to manage the staff of a particular variety show. The series currently highlights a principle cast of 13, including Fey. It is currently running its fourth season.


The Big Bang Theory (CBS)《大爆炸理论》聚焦科学极客们的有趣剧集,书呆子从未如此可爱。现在是第三季。
Meet Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons), Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki), Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg), and Raj Koothrappali (Kunal Nayyar), the four most adorable-or most frightening, take your pick-geeks on primetime television. The show mainly follows physicists Leonard and Sheldon and their geekfest as well as their interactions with bombshell neighbor Penny (Kaley Cuoco). The Big Bang Theory is currently running its third season.


Bones (Fox)《识骨寻踪》当罪案遇上冷幽默遇上暧昧的感情戏,就有了这部超有爱的剧集。不但案件有趣男女主人公外加配角的个性也是极大看点。现在第五季了。
Just one of the ever-popular crime drama series, Bones follows Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz), who solve crime cases using forensic anthropology, the study of human remains. Bones is in its fifth season.



Castle (ABC)《灵书妙探》小说家与侦探的奇妙组合,居然也能在破案之余擦出火花。严肃与搞笑兼备,还挺新的,才第二季。
Novelist Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) and detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) band together to solve crimes. After being brought in for a crime case that copied actions from his latest literary work, Castle becomes duly inspired once the case has been solved. The show is relatively new, and is now in its second season.


CSI (CBS)《罪案现场调查》大概是最有口碑的罪案剧了,比较重口味,据说看过之后对别的剧集里头的遗体都会没感觉。十季啦,长寿剧。
A group of criminologists attempt to solve murders using intricate lab work to examine physical evidence left at the crime scenes. The series has garnered multiple spinoffs, including CSI: Miami and CSI: NY. It has been picked up for its 10th season and is currently running.


The Daily Show/The Colbert Report (Comedy Central)《每日脱口秀》脱口秀节目从来都是美国很多电视台收视率的保证,其中的不少政治笑话也有助于你了解时事。
You can't really talk about one show without mentioning the other, hence their being grouped together. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are both television personalities with their separate late night talk shows. Both are political satirists (Colbert's character is notably an egomaniacal right-wing patriot), and both provide their audiences with hysterical material.


Desperate Housewives (ABC) 《绝望主妇》不但女人爱看,不少男性也为之吸引,生活化和真实化则是其最大卖点。
Taking place in fictional Fairview, the series follows five very different-yet scintillatingly attractive-women all living in Wisteria Lane. The show features a voice-over narration of Mary Alice Young (Brenda Strong), a housewife who commits suicide at the pilot episode of the series. In most cases, each housewife holds secrets bordering from mundane domestic disputes to criminal actions. Desperate Housewives is on its sixth season as of September 2009.


Dexter (Showtime)《双面法医》男主角个性十足,一面是冷峻法医,一面是冷面杀手,专门对付无法通过司法等正规途径惩治的坏人。2010年它将迎来第四季全新的12集。
Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) works as a blood spatter analyst by day and is a morally-governed serial killer by night. Dexter struggles with his urge to kill; with the help of his father Harry (James Remar), Dexter quenches his thirst for murder by getting rid of the town's "trash": the uncaught murderers. The show has just finished its fourth season and will have a 12-episode showing of the fifth in 2010.


Doctor Who (BBC)《神奇博士》英国出品,最具影响力的科幻类剧集,上世纪60年代便以面世,2005年帅气的翻拍更是时空穿越、人气无限。
A British television science fiction series dating origination from the 1960s, this show has sparked a worldwide interest after its revival in 2005 (starring Christopher Ecclestone as the title character). The series itself follows The Doctor-a 900-year-old Time Lord from now-defunct Gallifrey-and his female companions in their travels through space and time. The show currently stars David Tennant as the 10th reincarnation of the doctor, soon to be succeeded by Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor in 2010.


Family Guy (Fox)《恶搞家族》笑到喷饭的动画喜剧,每个人物都个性十足,其中还包括一条狗。目前演到了第8季。
This animated sitcom was created by Seth MacFarlane and revolves around a dysfunctional family consisting of parents Peter and Lois Griffin, children Meg, Chris, and the diabolically lovable Stewie, and Brian, the family dog. It is in its eighth season.


FlashForward (ABC)《未来闪影》颇具潜力的09年新剧,科幻题材,根据得奖小说改编,全世界陷入了137秒昏迷的时候,有一部分人看到了未来的景象。它将于3月回归萤幕。
FlashForward has gained momentum these past few months. The science fiction series tells the story of a phenomena where everyone on Earth loses consciousness for 137 seconds. In that time span, people get a glimpse of their lives in the future. Led by Stanford Wedeck (Courtney Vance) and Mark Benford (Joseph Fiennes), FBI agents try to determine what happened. The next 14 episodes of its first season is scheduled to show in March 2010.


Friends (NBC)《老友记》毫无疑问,这部是永恒的经典。不管你是要轻松一笑,还是轻松学英语,《老友记》都是你的首选。
While the series has already ended, there is no doubt that Friends has become one of the most popular sitcoms of American television. The story revolves around six friends who from time and time again live together and share their triumphs and woes. All of the main cast members have become household names after the ten successful seasons of this show.



Glee (Fox)《欢乐合唱团》后现代音乐剧集,类似于《歌舞青春》但比后者质量高得多得多。其中的演员大多音乐剧出身,剧集音乐绝佳,剧情也颇吸引人,不容错过。
A post-modern musical series akin to-though more tasteful than-High School Musical, Glee follows a group of very different high school students who are all in the same glee club. A variety of songs have been sung and revised by the Glee cast members, ranging from classic rock, to pop, to hip hop, and to showtunes. The show will return on the air on April 2010 to finish out its 9 remaining episodes of the first season.



Gossip Girl (CW)《绯闻女孩》尽管遭到种种非议,曼哈顿上东区名媛公子们纠结复杂的感情与生活,已经吸引了无数人的眼球。好歹能看人看衣服……
People try to deny all they want about not watching this series, but deep down inside everybody loves a good gossip, especially when it doesn't concern them. The purpose of the blogger "Gossip Girl" (voiced by Kristen Bell) is to highlight the glamorous, though tumultuous, lives of Manhattan socialites, particularly those of the Upper East Side. Gossip Girl is currently running its third season.

时尚装扮 地道口语 尽在绯闻女孩华丽专题


Grey's Anatomy (ABC)《实习医生格蕾》最受欢迎的医疗剧之一,虽然病情有时过于离谱,人物关系也略显混乱,这部剧在美国本土收视率却是居高不下,足以说明问题。
One of the popular medical dramas, the show starts by showcasing the lives of five surgical interns and their mentors in Seattle Grace Hospital, a fictional teaching institution in Seattle, Washington. The show has gained millions of viewers as the series progressed, and is currently one of the most watched primetime shows, with its sixth season still on air.


Heroes (NBC)《超能英雄》能喊出“拯救啦啦队长,拯救全世界”的口号,这样的科幻剧当然不容小觑。人物出色,剧情抓人,难怪该剧总能吸引一票粉丝。
"Save the cheerleader, save the world" has become a popular phrase linked to this science fiction drama series. The show revolves around various extraordinary characters and their day-to-day activities after finding that they possess superhuman abilities. The style of the story is done in a comic book manner, all featuring short episode arcs that paint a bigger picture. Heroes is due to return with its fifth season in January 2010.


House (Fox)《豪斯医生》现实生活当中的病人可不会喜欢这么一个自以为是、趾高气昂的医生来着,但让休·劳里来演这么一部福尔摩斯版的医疗剧就是另一回事儿了。
Sure, no patient particularly loves a cocky, sarcastic, and obnoxious doctor on his bedside, but everyone seems to adore the charm and intellect of Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie). This is a mystery medical drama, akin to Sherlock Holmes; only, instead of solving crimes, House comes up with diagnoses of patients with enigmatic symptoms. The show is currently running its sixth season.


Law and Order (NBC)《法律与秩序》美国现存的最长剧集,衍生剧无数,龙套也无数——基本是个演员的都会跑这个剧组报到一下。
This police and legal drama series is currently the longest-running primetime show and has spanned a series of spinoff franchises: including Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and Law and Order: Criminal Intent. The story follows a group of officers and prosecutors representing the criminal justice system.


LOST (ABC)《迷失》即将上演的第六季大结局,会将所有坠机引发的孤岛悬迷一一解开,为这部剧集画上完美的句号。
The show features a large ensemble cast playing survivors of a plane crash. Stranded on a mysterious island, each character's life unfolds, as they try to stay alive in an island full of hostile opposition. The series has won numerous awards and is a top show of all time. LOST is scheduled to return for its sixth season in February 2010.


Mad Men (AMC)《广告狂人》另一家得奖专业户,品味独特,历史感十足。第四季将于2010年回归。
Set in fictional advertising agency Sterling Cooper in New York City, the show follows creative director Don Draper (Jon Hamm) and the lives of people from his office during the 1960s. Its critical acclaim has been due to its authentic history and style. A fourth season is scheduled to air sometime in 2010.


NCIS (CBS)《海军罪案调查处》涉及海军罪案调查的警察题材美剧,视角独特,颇受好评,第七季正在播映中。
Short for "Naval Criminal Investigation Service," the police drama revolves around a team of special agents investigating crimes that involve the US Navy and Marine Corps. The show was a spinoff from JAG, and has since gained popularity, running in its seventh season.


The Office (NBC)《办公室风云》改编自同名英剧,换上了美式的幽默,拍摄手法相当特别,演员阵容也颇为强大。
The mockumentary comedy series is actually an adaptation of an older BBC series. The show features the lives of office employees in fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. The show is shot using a single-camera setup, and the characters are openly aware of the camera throughout the series. The Office is currently in its sixth season.


Project Runway (Lifetime)《天桥骄子》时尚真人秀,国内很多节目都是模仿它的。如果对时尚感兴趣的话,一定不能错过了这部。
Originally a Bravo-syndicated show, the sixth season found its way into Lifetime. Project Runway is a reality television series hosted by supermodel Heidi Klum. Contestants compete against each other in the field of fashion design for a chance to showcase their designs in the annual New York Fashion Week at Bryant Park. Tasks have included the creation of wrestling outfits, pageant evening gowns, and garden party clothes made of plants and flowers. Season 7 is due to premiere in January 2010.


Scrubs (ABC)《实习医生风云》命运多舛的一部剧集,本来在NBC播,后来又被ABC接了去。第九季已经开播,换了一大票新角色,是部很搞笑的喜剧。
American comedy drama Scrubs takes place at a teaching hospital and follows the daydreams and colorful vignettes of Dr. John "J.D." Dorian (Zach Braff). The show was originally aired on NBC and was later picked up by ABC for an 8th season. The ninth season has been premiered, with a new set of main characters.


Seinfeld (NBC)《宋飞传》有着美剧之王的美誉,获奖众多,演员都是实力派的悍将。
Created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, the sitcom stars a fictionalized version of the title character, set predominantly in the Upper West side of New York City. The show follows Jerry's friends in humorous aspects of their lives. Seinfeld lasted nine seasons.


The Simpsons (Fox)《辛普森一家》美国有史以来最多集数的动画剧集,正在庆祝它的20周年。动画生动有趣地反映了美国中产阶级的生活,会看到很多社会热点,非常与时俱进。
Noted as the record-holder for the most number of episodes by an American animated show, The Simpsons now celebrates its 20th anniversary and is still a popular series for a large range of audiences. The show satirizes the middle class American lifestyle and focuses on the Simpsons family. Season 21 is currently running.


Smallville (CW)《超人前传》根据著名的超人漫画改编,却着眼于高中时代开始克拉克·肯特的成长经历,关注他如何成为钢铁之躯,非常适合年轻人的口味。
Based on DC Comics' Superman, the series tells the story of high school student Clark Kent in Smallville, Kansas, before he becomes the Man of Steel. The latter seasons focus a bit more on Clark's time at The Daily Planet. Smallville has garnered popularity within the younger audiences, particularly those aged 18-34. It is presently airing its ninth season.


South Park (Comedy Central)《南方公园》针对成年人口味,四个小屁孩的黑色幽默。每集主题各有不同,但是讽刺起来真是非常恶毒。
Aimed for mature audiences for its dark humor, the animated sitcom follows the story of four children: Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick. Plots range widely from episode to episode; the only constant is that the show takes place in a fictionalized Colorado town with various sets of characters. A contract has been signed to produce episodes through 2011.


Star Trek (CBS)《星际迷航记》太过经典的科幻电影,曾经获得31尊艾美奖杯。去年大红大紫的同名电影也是票房大丰收。
This science fiction show has spanned a multi-billion dollar franchise and a popular cult following, winning 31 Emmy Awards during its run. The show follows a crew of humans and aliens in their travels through space aboard The Enterprise. Along with numerous sequels, Star Trek has spawned film releases, including the current blockbuster hit of the same name (starring Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, with special guest Leonard Nimoy).