The Salvatores haven't even left the building and The CW is already preparing for their blood-sucking successors. The network is currently developing a series based on the '80s vampire film The Lost Boys, has learned.
《吸血鬼日记》的Salvatore兄弟还没正式离开,不过CW已经开始准备另外一部吸血鬼主题美剧了。目前CW电视台正在开发一部新的吸血鬼主题美剧,这部美剧根据上世纪80年代吸血鬼电影《The Lost Boys》改编。

From iZombie and Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas, the potential series would re-imagine the cult film over seven seasons, with each season covering 10 years' time. The first season would be set in San Francisco in 1967, and each subsequent season would feature new stories, new human characters and new settings. Only the vampires, a.k.a. the Lost Boys, would remain the same from season to season.
这部剧由《我是丧尸》和《美眉校探》制片人Rob Thomas制作,这部剧预计可以拍摄7季,每一季讲述10年时间段的故事。第一季的故事将会被设定在1967年,之后的每一季都会讲一个新的故事、新角色和新设定。不过只有吸血鬼是唯一的不变元素延续一季又一季。

The Vampire Diaries will debut its eighth and final season this fall.