FX released another teaser for American Horror Story that's a sharp departure from the show's typical tone.

In the new clip, "Blind Date," a young blonde woman is dragged underwater by a green monster screaming. But in an unexpected twist, the woman and monster resurface, lovingly hand-in-hand.
在最新这条名叫《Blind Date》预告里,一个年轻的金发美女被一个水下的绿色怪物拉下水。然而在预告最后却出现了翻转,女人和怪物有爱的手牵手重新浮出水面。

Of course, who knows if this B-movie teaser is even relevant to the upcoming sixth season of AHS. FX CEO John Landgraf recently revealed that several of the teasers are blatant misdirects, meant to keep audiences off the trail of the actual theme.
不过这条预告也很可能是烟雾弹。FX电视台CEO John Landgraf最近宣布《美国恐怖故事》第六季会发布多条预告,但是其中只有一条是真的,这是为了保持第六季主题的神秘性。

It looks like we'll have to wait until AHS returns on Wednesday, Sept. 14 at 10/9c to find out what's real.