It simply wouldn't be Christmas if you didn't spend evenings cosily bundled up on the sofa with your friends and family. Luckily, there's a bumper crop of Christmas specials on TV this season which are sure to keep everyone entertained through those long winter nights. From Sherlock's time-travelling mystery to Downton Abbey's final hurrah, there's something for all the family over the holiday period.

Downton Abbey

首播:BBC One, Christmas Day, 8.45pm

After her absence in season six, Lady Rose will be returning to the Crawley manor, but Violet Crawley is set to be involved in a shocking final storyline. Hopefully her spirits will be lifted by a wedding, with rumours that Lady Edith will accept Bertie Pelham's proposal.


首播:BBC One, 1 January(中国1月4日影院登陆,小伙伴们约吗~)

The 90-minute episode titled The Abominable Bride follows Holmes and Watson as they are transported back in time to Victorian London where they deal with a ghostly mystery. While the episode has been dubbed a Christmas special, writer Stephen Moffat has admitted the show would work equally well in the middle of summer.
《可恶的新娘》 SP长达90分钟,夏洛克和华生穿越回到了维多利亚时代的伦敦,一个可怖的谜团有待他们揭开。尽管这一集译制为圣诞特辑,编剧史蒂文·莫法特也承认这集若是盛夏播放同样奏效。

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Call The Midwife
《呼叫助产士 》

首播:BBC One, Christmas Day 

It may have been filmed during the heatwave in June, but Call The Midwife promises to provide plenty of festive cheer. The latest storyline is being kept firmly under wraps for now, but Cliff Parisi, who plays Fred, was seen on set in a Santa suit.

Doctor Who

首播:BBC One, date TBC

With Jenna Coleman announcing that she's leaving the series, this will be The Doctor's last Christmas with Clara. But whilst he may have lost one companion, River Song will be returning to the show for the Christmas special. River, who plays The Doctor's wife, has not yet met this incarnation of her husband, so it should make for great viewing.


首播:BBC One, Christmas Day

Dean Wicks may not be the only character facing the law this Christmas.The Beale family are seriously considering handing him over to the police for Lucy's murder. Meanwhile, in a heartwrenching situation that will strike a chord with a few viewers, elderly Cora Cross spends Christmas lonely and isolated whilst others are with their families.