Following the tragic death of a 14-year-old "Sherlock" fan, star Benedict Cumberbatch sent an open letter to be read aloud at the girl's funeral.
Benedict Cumberbatch给《神探夏洛克》已经去世的14岁小粉丝写信,并在小姑娘的葬礼上被公开朗读。

Eve Shepherd died Feb. 1 after struggling with her breathing, the Warrington Guardian reports. After being born prematurely in 2000, she went through more than 200 operations during her short life due to a number of ailments.
《Warrington Guardian》报道,Eve Shepherd在2月1日去世。她在2000年早产出生,因为生病,她短短的一生经历了200多场手术。

"I send my deepest sympathies to Eve's family," Cumberbatch writes. "To lose someone so young who fought for her health all her life must be beyond endurance. I hope they can take solace from the fact that she was clearly much loved, and her support of our show is hugely appreciated and shall be remembered."

Unfortunately, Cumberbatch could not attend the funeral as he was filming the next "Sherlock" special. However, Eve's father, Mark Shepherd, tells the Warrington Guardian, "She would be so happy about the letter from Benedict."
可惜的是,因为要拍摄《神探夏洛克》圣诞特别集,Cumberbatch并没有出席这位小粉丝的葬礼。不过Eve的爸爸Mark Shepherd告诉Warrington卫报说,“如果她知道自己居然收到了Benedict的信,一定会很高兴的。”