Here's some good news for fans of CBS' freshman dramas. The network has given full season orders to "Stalker," "NCIS: New Orleans," "Scorpion" and "Madam Secretary."
喜欢CBS今年新剧的小伙伴们,好消息来了。CBS宣布续订《追踪者》《NCIS:New Orleans》《天蝎》和《国务卿女士》。

All four shows have performed well for the network, with "NCIS: New Orleans" ranking as the highest rated new show of the season. It averages 18.16 million viewers and a 2.8 in the adults 18-49 demographic.
这四部新剧在CBS开播都表现良好,其中《NCIS:New Orleans》收视率稳坐新剧冠军宝座。这部剧平均每集吸引1816万观众收看,18-49岁主要观众收视率为2.8。

The only one pickup that might be a bit surprising is "Stalker." It's definitely the lowest rated of the four and hasn't won itself many critical fans. One might hope the full order will give it time to right the ship. Based on how it already seems to be spinning it's wheels, that seems unlikely though.
这次决定唯一让人有些许惊讶的是《追踪者》。这部剧是这四部新剧中收视最低的,并没有吸引到很多的犯罪剧粉丝的关注。全剧续订也许能给这部剧多一点 时间去累积观众。不过以它现在的表现来看,翻身希望不大。