Benedict Cumberbatch will not play "Hamlet" on the British stage until the summer of 2015, but the Shakespeare production has already set ticket-sale records for London theater productions.
Benedict Cumberbatch出演的舞台剧《哈姆雷特》要2015年夏季才会登上舞台,不过这部莎士比亚舞台剧却早早的已经破了伦敦剧院舞台剧的售票记录了。

Tickets for the "Sherlock" star's play only went on sale on Monday, Aug. 11. As of Tuesday (Aug. 12), the demand for "Hamlet" tickets had already reached a number four times higher than the previous London box-office winner, "A Streetcar Named Desire" (which starred Gillian Anderson).
这位《神探夏洛克》男主出演的舞台剧门票8月11日刚刚开卖第一天,而刚刚开卖一天,到第二天售票记录就是之前的售票记录保持着《A Streetcar Named Desire》的4倍。

It's not just theater that the "Sherlock" star is dominating in the ticket-sale world. Viagogo, a ticket website in London, says that "Hamlet" has generated 214 percent more ticket sales than even Beyonce and Jay Z's On the Run world tour.
Benedict发挥神威的地方还不仅仅是剧院这一条卖票渠道。买票网站Viagogo伦敦站上售出这部《哈姆雷特》的票数甚至比Beyonce和Jay Z的世界轮回演唱会还要多。

"The tragedy has instead become the success story for theater in 2015," Viagogo tells The Hollywood Reporter. "But will Benedict be or not be a worthy Hamlet -- that is the question."

The answer to that question will come during the play's 12-week run beginning Aug. 5, 2015.