"Sherlock" has at least one nearly definite death in its future: Mary Watson, nee Morstan, will die at some point in the series.
《神探夏洛克》在将来几乎可以肯定有一个角色会死掉:Mary Watson,nee Morstan将会在未来的剧情中死掉。

Why? That's mainly because death was the fate of Mary Watson in the original Sherlock Holmes series of stories. "While we play fast and loose with the original stories, we generally follow the trajectory of what Conan Doyle did," "Sherlock" star Martin Freeman tells the Telegraph in a recent interview. "[Watson] gets married, and then Mary dies -- so at some point presumably she'll die."
为什么?主要是因为在原著中,Mary Watson这个角色的命运如此。“虽然相较于原著,我们拍摄节奏更快、结构更松散,但是总的来说我们还是跟着原著作者柯南道尔走的,”《神探夏洛克》男主演Martin Freeman接受《每日电讯报》采访时说。“Watson结婚了,然后Mary死掉了...所以在未来的剧情中,她会死掉。

Don't worry about losing Amanda Abbington -- the actress who plays Mary on the show as well as Freeman's real-life partner. Freeman also points out that Abbington will be around the program "for the foreseeable future."
大家也不要因为Amanda Abbington的离开而难过——她在剧中扮演Mary,同时她也是Freeman现实生活中的妻子。Freeman表示,在最近的剧情中她还是不会死的。