People around the world have fallen in love with Benedict Cumberbatch on "Sherlock," but would that have been the case if the sleuth's hair had been green instead of dark brown? As it turns out, that's almost what happened.
全球范围内的粉丝们都爱上了《神探夏洛克》里的Benedict Cumberbatch,但是如果他的头发不是现在的棕黑而是绿色呢?事实上,卷福的头发真的差点儿就是绿色了。

The British publication, Radio Times, reports that "Sherlock" make-up artist Claire Pritchard-Jones spilled the news on Cumberbatch's brief Joker-style 'do at a recent Sherlock Holmes convention in Vienna, Austria.
英国报纸《Radio Times》报道,《神探夏洛克》化妆师Clair Pritchard-Jones在近日在奥地利维也纳举行的《神探夏洛克》活动上就跟大家分享了这样一件轶事。

How did that happen? When Cumberbatch showed up to work on the "Sherlock" pilot episode, he had recently bleached his hair to play Vincent Van Gogh. The "Sherlock" people tried to give Cumberbatch a darker look (to better match the literary Holmes' physical appearance), but the dye plus the bleach resulted in a shade of green.

This was the day before filming was supposed to begin.

Fortunately, more work on the hair resulted in a more successful dye job. That's a good thing -- Sherlock Holmes is odd enough without green hair.
不过幸好最后还是成功的把Cumberbatch的头发染成了棕黑色,这也避免了Sherlock Holmes顶着一头奇怪的绿头发。