"Sherlock" is an important show to television. And now the Oxford English Dictionary has codified this by using the Benedict Cumberbatch series as its example to define the new word, "ship."
《神探夏洛克》在电视剧界是大咔。而现在牛津英语字典也把Benedict Cumberbatch的这部剧收录到字典里,作为“ship”新释义的例句。

Any fan of the show is unlikely to be surprised by this, since dedicated "Sherlock" fans ship Sherlock and Watson, Sherlock and Molly, Sherlock and Moriarty. Which one did Oxford pick for the dictionary? As "Sherlock" co-star Louise Brealey points out, it's the Sherlock-Molly pairing:
看剧的小伙伴们对这个新释义应该不会陌生,因为网络上到处都是希望Sherlock和Watson在一起、Sherlock和Molly在一起,还有Sherlock和Moriaty在一起的粉丝们。三大粉丝党哪一个才会被牛津字典挑中呢?据剧中演员Louise Brealey,是Sherlock-Molly党:

'Ship' (to want someone to fall in love) is now in the Oxford English Dictionary. The example given? 'I'll always ship Sherlock and Molly.'

-- Louise Brealey (@louisebrealey) May 20, 2014


——Louise Brealey(@louisebrealey)2014年5月20日