"Sherlock" star Martin Freeman is going classical for his summer. The actor will play the title role in William Shakespeare's play "Richard III" in London.
《神探夏洛克》男演员Martin Freeman今年将会过一个相当古典的夏天。他已经确定会在伦敦上演的莎士比亚的戏剧《理查三世》中扮演主角理查三世。

Starting rehearsals in May or June for a July opening. Freeman will play the villainous and scheming king in an undisclosed number of performances.

This will be yet another activity in an extremely busy couple of years for the actor. In addition to playing John Watson on "Sherlock," Freeman is Bilbo Baggins in the "Hobbit" series of movies and has a lead role in the upcoming FX series, "Fargo."
除了这部戏剧,Martin Freeman最近一两年其实是非常忙碌的,他除了要出演《神探夏洛克》中的John Watson,还在《霍比特人》里演了Bilbo Baggins,而且还会在FX美剧《Fargo》中做男主角。

But Shakespeare is in the air for "Sherlock" actors -- co-star Benedict Cumberbatch is set to star in "Hamlet" in London during the summer of 2015.
不过参演莎士比亚戏剧的可不只他一个——《神探夏洛克》另一位男主演Benedict Cumberbatch也将会主演另一部莎士比亚戏剧《哈姆雷特》,预计这部戏剧将会在2015年夏季登场。