For "Sherlock" star Benedict Cumberbatch, the play's the thing going into 2015. The actor has committed to play Hamlet in the play of the same name at London's Barbican Theatre.
《神探夏洛克》男主演Benedict Cumberbatch2015年将有舞台剧大作。他已经确认会在舞台剧《哈姆雷特》中扮演哈姆雷特,这部舞台剧将会在伦敦芭比肯剧院上演。

The Daily Mail first published the news, adding that the famed Shakespeare play would be directed by Lyndsey Turner. Both star and director are in high demand these days, one of the presumed causes of the delay of more than a year.
《每日邮报》最先报道这个消息,报道中提到,Lyndsey Turner将会作为本剧的导演。现在确定的演员和导演都是近期大红之人,档期也因此拖到了一年以后。

It is expected that the play will open in August 2015 with a 12-week run. Cumberbatch has reported committed to an additional six weeks of rehearsal and preparation time.

This isn't Cumberbatch's first trip to the stage. He previously appeared in the National Theatre production of "Frankenstein," directed by Danny Boyle.
这不是Cumberbatch的舞台处女作了,之前他曾经参演过国家剧院的Danny Boyle导演的舞台剧《科学怪人之永生》。

Hopefully, the play won't keep Cumberbatch away from a new season of "Sherlock" -- fans of that show might protest at the stage if that happened.