If there was a most anticipated session during the weeks-long Television Critics Association press tour, it might have been PBS Masterpiece's presentation of British drama Sherlock on Monday afternoon. 

Sherlock premiered to strong numbers Sunday evening for the season-three opener with 4 million viewers, up 25 percent from the previous year's 3.2 million.

Executive producer Steven Moffat previously revealed that he was prepping the fourth season, though the BBC has not yet officially announced a renewal, but Cumberbatch confirmed that he and Freeman were adamant it happens. "It will continue until Benedict gets too famous," Moffat said, half-joking.



The moment came in the season-three premiere as a theory that presumably explained one way Sherlock faked his death. "I've done something slightly cheeky," Moffat recalled Gatiss telling him. The scene, which featured Moriarty and Sherlock laughing off the tense phone call with John, saw the two nemeses inch closer in a presumed kiss.
这个片段来自第三季首集夏洛克对自己伪造死亡的解释,“我做了一件有点不要脸的事情” 莫法特在见面会上回想加蒂斯(另一位主创)对自己说的话。在这一幕中,给华生打完紧张的诀别电话,夏洛克和莫里亚蒂相视一笑、面部距离渐进,罪恶地“接吻”了。

"We cut it before contact, and indeed, sex, because that was wrong," Moffat joked. And sorry Sherlock fans, Cumberbatch said he and Scott "didn't actually connect."


"If you have a female perspective on the two men, it's very, very funny and very illuminating," Moffat said of the reason they added John's future wife. Mary will remain a large part of the mythology of Sherlock as the story continues. "Mary's absolutely here. We don't just off her," Moffat said. 
莫法特在谈及添加华生未婚妻玛丽的角色时表示:“如果能从一个女性的角度观察两位男主角,那将是一件非常有意思、非常具有启发意义的事情。” 在《神探夏洛克》的故事中,玛丽还将有很大的戏份。“玛丽将绝对会活下去,我们总不能在下一季开始时就这么把一个角色写死吧。”


Cumberbatch said he sat down with Robert Downey Jr. on Sunday night to compare notes about their versions of Sherlock Holmes. (Downey Jr. played the title character in two features opposite Jude Law.) However, Cumberbatch has not been able to chat with Jonny Lee Miller, who stars in CBS' Elementary and with whom he co-starred in Frankenstein.


When asked whether he has felt overwhelmed playing a character like Sherlock, the British actor dismissed any notion of that. "I'm fine with it. I'm going to keep going with it," Cumberbatch said, adding that "I love it. I find it very invigorating."