An official Sherlock mobile app is set to be released.

Sherlock: The Network will feature a set of cases separate to the third series of the BBC drama, which concluded on Sunday (January 12) with 'His Last Vow'.
这款app名叫《Sherlock: The Network》,app中将有一系列独立于《神探夏洛克》第三季剧情的案件。这部BBC热门剧集在1月12日播出了第三季最终集《最后誓言》。

Users will be invited to become part of the detective's 'Homeless Network' and help Sherlock Holmes and John Watson investigate ten available new cases.

Fans can virtually navigate their way around London on foot, by tube or by taxi, speaking to witnesses and gathering evidence along the way. There are also opportunities to play games, earn money and pick up valuable tools to progress with the mission.

The app - produced by The Project Factory and Hartswood Films - also includes exclusively shot video of the show's stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in their roles as Sherlock and John.
这款app由英国全媒体公司TPF 和哈斯伍德电影公司出品,玩家在破案后可获得夏洛克(本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇饰演)和华生(马丁·弗里曼饰演)的独家拍摄片段作为礼物。

Sue Vertue, executive producer at Hartswood Films, said: "Sherlock fans have been asking us for ages to create an app and we think that through Sherlock: The Network, The Project Factory has created an impressive, innovative way for them to immerse themselves in a bit of Sherlock's world whilst waiting for us to make more shows!"
哈斯伍德电影公司的首席制片人苏·维特表示:“夏洛克粉丝盼望着我们开发一款app好长时间了,我们认为《Sherlock: The Network》这款app创造了一种令人印象深刻的创新方式,能够使粉丝们在等待新剧集的同时亲自沉浸在夏洛克的世界中。”

The Project Factory Creative Director Rob Barnes added: "This app is set to be a real treat for Sherlock fans who, rather than mourn the end of the third series, can look forward to the fact that they will have a completely new, interactive digital experience to immerse themselves in.

"The scripting, approach and case structure reflect the television programme, keeping the mysteries flowing." 

Sherlock: The Network will be available to download from the App Store from January 20, priced at £2.99.
《Sherlock: The Network》应用将于1月20日在苹果应用商店发售,售价2.99英镑。