The pair's literal breakthrough leads to a scaled-down version of their boutique: "a cupcake walk-up window in Williamsburg that's open from 2 in the morning to 4, for the drunks," says series co-creator Michael Patrick King. "The success of the window, in its small but very potent beginning, is going to open their eyes to the possibility that maybe they can be successful." Elsewhere, "Oleg and Sophie have split up and are trying to be friends, whatever that means for this incredibly dysfunctional couple," he says, and Han will deal with the twin "joys" of a visit from his mom and getting a new love interest.
缩小规模后的蛋糕店在这一季中将会有所突破:“这间只有一个窗户的蛋糕店是专门为那些凌晨2点到4点在外面闲逛的醉鬼们开设的,”《破产姐妹》联合制片人Michael Patric King说。“这家只有窗户没有门的蛋糕店虽然很小,但潜力无限,这也许会是Max和Caroline开拓眼界通往成功的道路。”另外,“Oleg和Sophie在这一季会分手,两人会努力做回朋友,虽然不知道这对这对不太正常的情侣意味着什么,”他说,另外Han在探访妈妈之后发现自己还有个双胞胎兄弟,这会带来新的有趣故事,而且Han在这一季会有心上人了。

The season won't be all buttercream and bottom lines for our favorite waitresses: Max will find herself in a long-term relationship with "a hard-ass pastry chef," the first guy who really gets her, King says. "Max has all these bad boys, and they're really hot. This time she's going to find a friend who is also hot." But, King warns, this dashing doughboy may not be exactly who he seems.

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