The CW confirmed what fans already pretty much already figured out: That the fourth season will be the last for Nikita.

The first clue was that the network only ordered six episodes. The second was a tweet by showrunner Craig Silverstein last week promising an “incredible finish.” The third was, frankly, that Nikita‘s ratings were so low it was tough to imagine an open-ended scenario.
之前有传言称CW官方预定了六季。另一个说法是制片人Craig Silverstein上周发推承诺会有一个“不可思议的结局”。第三个说法是,坦白说,鉴于尼基塔如此低迷的收视,很难想象会有一个开放式的情节。

Now today with it’s fall schedule announcement, The CW announced Nikita “wraps up her mission” next season. Credit The CW for continuing to give it’s longer-running titles a chance to have a satisfying ending. Still, fans will have to wait awhile to see how it all ends — Nikita won’t return until sometime in midseason.