Look for another major download of answers about Finch's past, including exactly what tragedy befell his former partner Nathan Ingram and how that moment led Finch to take up Nathan's mantle with regards to doing the work of The Machine. But given Finch's alleged recent betrayals of Reese, is their partnership also destined to end in flames? Also, in the race to save The Machine, expect more resolution than your traditional cliff-hanger. "At the end of this 24-hour period, someone is going to control The Machine, and the identity of that someone is something of a surprise," creator Jonathan Nolan says. "We consider this finale the end of one chapter. Next season is a brave new world."

【沪江美剧】据TVGuide网站爆料,在本周四播出的《疑犯追踪》(Person of Interest)第二季最后一集中,宅总芬奇(Finch)过往的秘密将被一一揭晓。其中包括他的前任搭档内森·英格兰姆(Nathan Ingram)到底遭受了怎样的厄运以及芬奇接手内森未竟之业,利用机器救人的真正原因。 然而鉴于芬奇曾“疑似背叛”过里瑟(Reese),他们俩的关系是否会走向结束呢?

与此同时,在争分夺秒保护机器的过程中,暴露出的问题之多绝对超过你的想象。“机器开启“上帝模式”后的24小时的最后时刻,某人将完全掌握机器,这个人的身份十分出人意料,”《疑犯追踪》的主创乔纳森·诺兰(Jonathan Nolan)表示,“我们认为第二季的结局是一个章节的终点,第三季将是构思大胆的全新一页。”