"Revenge" will most likely return for Season 3 on ABC, but its creator, executive producer and showrunner Mike Kelley will not return with it. According to reports, Kelley and ABC have come to a mutual decision to find a new showrunner after the Season 2 finale.
《复仇》被ABC电视网续订第三季的可能性非常大,然而该剧制片人Mike Kelley将不会和第三季一起回归了。据报道,Kelley和ABC电视网达成了共识,在《复仇》第二季结局后,Kelley将会去一部新剧当制片人。

Why is Kelley leaving? There has been no official statement on the reason from either Kelley or ABC, but it may be because the showrunner had wanted to produce "Revenge" with shorter, cable-style seasons.

No names have come up as replacements for Kelley yet.