Pretty Little Liars will return to ABC Family on January 8, 2013.The network has also announced return dates for its shows Bunheads, Switched at Birth and The Lying Game.Comedy-drama Bunheads will air new episodes from Monday, January 7 at 9/8c, with season two picking up "a couple of months" after the first season finale.Identity-swap series Switched at Birth - which airs its first season finale tonight (Monday, October 22) on ABC Family - will precede Bunheads at 8/7c.Pretty Little Liars - which airs a Halloween special on October 23 - will return the following day (January 8) at 8/7c, followed by new episodes of The Lying Game at 9/8c.

沪江英语:《美少女的谎言》(Pretty Little Liars)将在2013年1月8日回归ABC家庭台。ABC家庭台还宣布了《心舞》(Bunheads)、《错位青春》(Switched at Birth)和《谎言游戏》(The Lying Game)的回归日期。喜剧《心舞》第二季将在2013年1月7日播出,剧情将从第一季大结局之后几个月后展开。互换身份的《错位青春》将在今晚(美国时间10月22日)播出第一季大结局,随后将播出《心舞》。《美少女的谎言》将在明天(美国时间10月23日)播出万圣节特集,其新一季将在2013年1月8日播出,当天随后将播出《谎言游戏》的新一季。