Part 1


Do you watch movies?



Sure I do. It’s one of my favorite leisure activities. Whenever I feel bored or have nothing to do, I will search the internet to see if there’s any interesting movies on at the cinema.


How often do you watch movies?



Well, that’s hard to tell, because I seldom go to the movies on a regular basis. Sometimes I watch movies once or twice a week if several good ones are shown during the same period, but when I’m busy or not interested in the new films, the frequency may be lowered to every month or even longer.


What kind of movies do you like?



I’m particularly interested in suspense movies made by Christopher Nolan, such as Inception and Dunkirk. For me Nolan is an exceptional storyteller, and his films combine densely layered narratives with fantastic sound and visual effects, which strike the watchers with loads of stimuli to the extreme.


Do you prefer to go to a movie alone or with others?



I tend to watch films with others in a cinema even if we are not close friends. Because it’s a stereotype that couples or a group of friends go to cinemas, single person only deserves to watch movies online at home. People will regard you as lonely and strange if going to movies alone.


Do you prefer to watch movies at home or in a cinema?



That depends on the type of the movie. If the movie boasts many special effects like 3D or IMAX, then going to the cinema and enjoy the hi-tech is definitely the best option. However, if the movie requires much thought and sentimentality, then I’d better watch it quietly at home.




Part 2 & 3

Part 2题目


Describe a time that a piece of equipment of yours was broken.

You should say:

What the equipment was

When the problem was

What you did after it was broken

And how you felt about it.



本题需要描述一个损坏失效的物品。equipment通常是某类活动中的设备器材,比如kitchen equipment厨房用具、diving equipment潜水设备等,单件出现时,主要指电器电子设备,如computer equipment and machine tools



Usually I’m very careful about my properties, so seldom do any of them fail to function properly. But last week, my bracket light somehow broke down, and the two bulbs just stopped working. Maybe the damp weather caused the short circuit of the wire since it was raining continuously last week, or maybe I used the light for too long and it was time for the bulbs to retire.


I still remember when I pulled the string of the bracket light after I came back home, a streak of light quickly flashed through in the bulbs and it seemed to be accompanied with a subtle crack sound, but I was not sure of that. Then the light just wouldn’t be lit up. Anyway as it was turning dark in the room, I found a reading lamp as a stopgap.


I thought the problem was the broken bulbs, not the bracket light itself, so replacing the old ones would fix the situation. However for the sake of my own life, I just had to wait when other electronic devices were still working. Then the next morning, when the daylight was good enough, I found the main power switch of my flat and pulled it down, so that I wouldn’t get electrocuted when I screwed off the old bulbs. They were not the common ones as I used before, but luckily I found the same type in the supermarket near my flat. After changing the new ones, I pushed the main switch up and tried the light, and everything was back in normal as I wished.


Actually when the light first broke down, I was a bit worried. What if the wires in the wall were damaged? That would be way too complex than simply changing bulbs or a light. But fortunately that didn’t happen and now the bracket light is as good as before, or I should say even better with new LED bulbs.





bracket light 名词;壁灯

EgThe bracket light has a beautiful bronze color that will complement any room in your home.


short circuit: 短路

EgShort circuits can occur when exposed electrical wires touch and may result in damage to your home or appliances.


③a streak of light: 一道光

EgWhen a meteoroid enters Earth's atmosphere, friction causes it to burn up and produce a streak of light.


electrocute: 动词;触电

EgThree people were electrocuted by falling power-lines



Part 3题目


1. What are the common home appliances that people use these days?



I think water heaters and air conditioners are the two most frequently used appliances for every family. It’s hard to imagine what life will be like without warm water or without a proper room temperature. For people with long hair, a good hair-drier is also indispensable.



frequently 副词:频繁地

Eg: Buses run frequently between the city and the airport.


indispensable: 形容词;不可或缺的

Eg: Cars have become an indispensable part of our lives.



2. Do you think modern technology makes people lazier?



I disapprove of such ideas. Modern technologies do make people’s life easier, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we are lazier than before. In fact, thanks to the brilliant inventions, we can save more time on meaningful things, which creates a faster and more efficient world.




disapprove of 不同意

Eg: Most people disapprove of such violent tactics.


brilliant: 形容词;极好的

Eg: I was captured by his brilliant salesmanship.



3. Are you good at handling technical problems on your own?



Well, not really. I only know some basic principles about electronic appliances, which means technical disasters are really not my area. So if it’s not a common hitch, I’d better choose to seek help from the experts.



appliance 名词:家用电器

Eg: They sell a wide range of domestic appliances--washing machines, dishwashers and so on.


technical disasters: 技术故障

Eg: This book offers some guidelines for families that are dealing with stress related to technological disasters.



4. What can people do to protect equipment from technical problems?



Technical problems occur either due to the malfunction of a technological structure, or due to human failure in monitoring these appliances. So there are two aspects to avoid mechanical faults: purchase the equipment after all-around researches to ensure its quality and performance, while at the same time strictly operate and maintain the machine according to the procedures in the instruction book.



①malfunction 名词:故障,失灵

Eg: This was caused by a malfunction of the generator.


monitor: 动词;监控

Eg: The UN would play a major role in monitoring a ceasefire.




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