Part 1



1. Map

Do you often use maps?

How often do you use a map?

Who taught you to use a map?

Do you prefer paper maps or electronic maps?


2. Holiday

What kind of holiday do you like?

What do you like to do when you are on holiday?

Do you prefer to travel or stay at home during holidays?

What do most people do during their holidays in your country? Why?


3. Money

Did you save money when you were young?

Do you think parents should teach children to save money?

How do you save money?

Do parents give pocket money to children in China?


4. Letter and email

Do you write letters often?

Do you prefer to write letters or emails?

What do you usually write about?

Who do you usually write to?

How do you feel when you receive a letter?


5. Foreign food

Have you ever tried foreign food?

Do you like to try new food?

What kinds of foreign food are popular in your country?

What kinds of foreign food have you tried recently?


6. Plant

Do you grow plants at home?

What plants do you grow?

Do you know anything about growing a plant?

Do Chinese people send plants as gifts?


7. Dictionary

Do you like paper dictionaries or electronic dictionaries?

How will dictionaries change in the future?

How often do you use your dictionary?

What kinds of dictionaries did you use before?


8. Handwriting

What impression does a person’s handwriting have on other people?

How did you learn to write when you were little?

Do you prefer to write by hand or email?

Do you think people would stop writing by hand in the future?


9. Killing time

When would you feel bored?

What would you do to kill time when you feel bored?

What activities do people in your country do to kill time?

Do you like parties?





1. Rainy days
Does it rain much in china?

Which of part of China does not rain much?

Which season does it rain the most in your hometown?

Can you remember any time when it rained heavily?


2. Names

Do you like your name?

Does your name have any special meaning?

What kinds of names are popular in China?

Is there any tradition about naming hobbies?  


3. Punctuality

Why are some people always late?

Do you think it's important to be punctual?

How do you remind yourself to be punctual?

What would you do when you wait for someone?


4. Teacher

Do you have a favorite teacher?

What kinds of teacher do you like?

Can you describe your high school teacher?

What's the difference between young and old teacher?


5. Friends

Do you remember your friend in primary school?

How do you make friends?

Do you have many friends?

Do you like chatting with friends online?


6. Dream job

What was the dream job for you when you were young?

What do you plan to do in the future?

What kinds of jobs are popular in China?

Have you had part-time job before?


7. Daily transport

What forms of transport do you like?

What's the most popular means of transportation in China?

What do you think of the transport situation in your hometown?

How has the transport system in your hometown changed?


8. Advertisement

Are there many advertisements in your country?

Why do you think there are so many advertisements now?

How do you feel about advertisements?

Do advertisements ever influence your purchasing?


9. Travel (space travel)

Do you want to travel in the outer space?

What would you do if you had this opportunity?

Do you like to travel by air?

When was the last time you went travelling?


10. Meals/Eating out

What kinds of meals do you like?

Are there any fruits or vegetables you dislike?

Do you often eat out with your friends or family?

When do you usually eat dinner?


11. Animals

Why do some people keep pets at home?

What kinds of animals do you like?

Have you ever had a pet before?

Do you like to see animals in the zoo?


12. Sleep

How many hours do you sleep every day?

Is it necessary to take a snap every day?

Do old people sleep a lot? Why?

Do you always have a good sleep?


13. Gift

How often do you buy others gift?

Do you like to send expensive gifts?

What kinds of gifts are popular in our country?

Why do people send gifts?


14. News/newspaper

Do you often read newspapers?

Are you very interested in the news?

What kinds of news are you interested in the most?

Why do people read newspapers?


15. Outdoor activities

Do you like outdoor activities?

How often do you do outdoor activities?

What is the most popular outdoor activity in your country?

What is the outdoor activity that elder people enjoy doing in your country?


16. App

What kinds of apps do you often use?

What kinds of apps do you want to have in the future?

What's the most popular app in your country?

What was the first app you used?


17. Music

When do you listen to music?

How much time do you spend listening to music every day?

What kinds of music do you listen to?

Have you ever been to a concert before?


18. Boat

Have you ever travelled by boat?

Do you like boats?

Would you like to have your own boat?

Is boat trip popular in your country?


19. Work or study

What subjects are you studying?

Why did you choose to study that subject?

Are you looking forward to studying?

What work do you do?

Why did you choose to do this job?

Do you miss being a student?


20. Home/Accommodation

Who do you live with?

Can you describe the place where you live?

How long have you lived there?

Do you plan to live there for a long time?
Where did you live in the past?

Do you prefer living in a house or a flat?

In the future, what type of place would you like to live in?

What do you usually do in your house/flat/room?

What part of your home do you like the most?


21. Hometown

What's the name your hometown?

Is that a big city or a small place?

Do you like living there?

What do you like the most about your hometown?

Is there anything you dislike about it?

Do you plan to live there for a long time?


Part 2&3


Part 2题目1


Describe an electronic device you want to buy.

  You should say:

  what it is

  when you know this device

  what specific features you want

and explain why you want this device.


Part 3题目


  1. Why do some people get addicted to their smartphones?
  2. Do you think the way people communicate will change in the near future?
  3. What do you think of the fact that some young people are crazy about those latest electronic devices?



Part 2题目2


Describe a comedy TV series that you watch.


You should say


what TV series is it


  who are the main characters there?


And describe an interesting event from the series.


Part 3题目


  1. It seems that younger generation has lost interest in watching TV, why is that?
  2. What is the most popular TV program for children in your country?
  3. Do you think TV will disappear in the future?



Part 2题目3


Describe a popular person.


  You should say:


  Who the person is


  What kind of person he or she is


  Why the person is popular


And explain how the person influences the public



Part 3题目


  1. What are the most important qualities for someone to become popular?
  2. How can a person have a great impact on others?
  3. Do you want to be someone who can influence other a lot?



Part 2题目4


Describe a place you often visit with your friends or family.


  You should say:


  Where this place is


  How you got to know this place


  How you usually go there


Why you like to visit it


Part 3题目


  1. What are the most popular places that people often go to for relaxation?
  2. Are there any differences between the places young people visit and the places elder people visit?
  3. Do you prefer to visit new places in your life?


Part 2题目5


Describe a photo you have taken


  You should say:


  Where you took it


  When you took the photo


  What/who is in the photo


And explain how you felt about the photo


Part 3题目


  1. Why do people nowadays enjoy taking selfies so much?
  2. How do you normally keep those photos you take?
  3. Do you often share your personal photos with other people?



Part 2题目6


Describe a memorable story told by someone


  You should say:


  Who told you the story?


  When you heard the story


  What the story was about


Why you found it memorable


Part 3题目


  1. Are you good at telling stories?
  2. What kind of stories can attract people?
  3. Why do some stories make people cry when they hear them?



Part 2题目7


Describe a party you want to hold for someone.


  where you would do it


  how you would do it


  what arrangements would need to be done for the party


and explain why would you do that.


Part 3题目


  1. Are parties very popular in your culture?
  2. Why do people hold parties?
  3. Do you think parties might change in some way in the future?



Part 2题目8


Describe a public place that needs improvements.


  You should say:


  Where it is


  What it is like


  Why you think it needs improvements


And explain how to make it better


Part 3题目

  1. Are there any improvements you wish to make at home or your workplace?
  2. Do you think the current libraries in your city need any improvements?
  3. If you were the headmaster in your primary school back then, which changes would you like to make?



Part 2题目9


Describe a famous athlete.


  You should say:


  Who the person is


  How you got to know this person


  What he or she has achieved


And explain why this person is famous


Part 3题目


  1. What is the most important quality for an athlete to become famous?
  2. Do you think it is fair that athletes get paid so well?
  3. What contributions do athletes make to our society?



Part 2题目10


Describe an unusual meal you had.


You should say:


  what the food is


  what it is made of


why you think it is unusual


Part 3题目


  1. Can you tell me the most impressive meal you have ever eaten?
  2. Do you often have meals with your friends or family?
  3. Why do some people seem to enjoy eating out a lot?



Part 2题目11


Describe a toy you had when you were a child.


You should say:


  what the toy was


  how you got the toy


and explain how you felt when you got the toy


Part 3题目


  1. What is the most interesting toy you played during your childhood?
  2. Was there any toy that you disliked?
  3. Why do girls tend to favor dolls more than toys?



Part 2题目12


Describe a film that you did not like.


  You should say


  what the film was


  when you watched it


  who you watched it with


And explain why you did not like this film


Part 3题目


  1. What sort of movies do you often watch?
  2. Why don’t elder people like going to cinemas?
  3. What movies would you interested to make if you were a movie director?



Part 2题目13


Describe a leader who you admire.


  You should say:


who is he/she?


what type of leader is he/ she


and explain why you admire him/her?


Part 3题目


  1. What qualities do you think a good leader should have?
  2. Do you wish to become a leader?
  3. What role does a leader play in a team?



Part 2题目14


Describe a new development (such as a new building, new roads) in your city?


You should say:


  what it is


  what it is used for


  what it looks like


and explain why you like or dislike it.


Part 3题目


  1. Are there any new changes that happened at your home recently?
  2. Do you wish to make any changes in our neighborhood?
  3. Why do some elder people go against new changes in their life?



Part 2题目15


Describe a recent change in your life


  You should say:


  what the change was


  when it happened


  how you felt about it


and explain if it was a positive or negative change for you


Part 3题目


  1. How did family life change in your country in recent years?
  2. Do you think the role of women has changed in your country over the past decades?
  3. What change do you want to make if you were the boss of your company?



Part 2题目16


Describe a stranger who helped you/who you helped.


You should say:


  Who helped you


  When it was


  Why he/she helped you


And describe how you felt about it.


Part 3题目


  1. Do people often talk to strangers in your culture?
  2. Do people in your country often ask for help from strangers?
  3. Do you think people might become good friends after they run into some strangers on the street?



Part 2题目17


Describe a time when you feel surprised to meet someone


  You should say:


  when this happened


  who this person was


  what did you do together on that day


and explain why you thought it was a surprise to meet this person.


Part 3题目


  1. Do you now still stay in touch with your old schoolmates?
  2. What are the reasons why we lost touch with some of our old schoolmates?
  3. How do you usually keep in touch with your friends?



Part 2题目18


Describe something you made yourself.


  You should say:


  What you made.


  Why you make it.


  How you make it.


and explain how you felt about it.


Part 3题目


  1. Why do some people prefer to make things themselves?
  2. What are the major differences between the things you buy from a store and the thing you made all by yourself?
  3. Do you think DIY will become more and more popular in the near future?



Part 2题目19


Describe your favorite season of the year.


  You should say:


  What season it is


  What you do in this season


and explain why it is your favorite season.


Part 3题目


  1. What is your least favorite season of the year and why?
  2. Is there anything you dislike about your favorite season?
  3. Why do some people still go swimming in cold winter?



Part 2题目20


Describe a park you visited when you were a child.


  You should say:


  Where the park is


  What you did in the park


And explain how you felt about it


Part 3题目


  1. Do you have a park near where you live?
  2. What role does a park play in people’s neighborhood?
  3. Apart from parks, what are some other places do people often visit for relaxation?



Part 2题目21


Describe a day that you went out but didn't spend a lot of money.


You should say:


  When this happened


Where you went


Who you went out with


And explain why you didn’t spend much money.


Part 3题目


  1. Would you say that you are a person who tends to spend much money?
  2. Can you comment on the phenomena that some people enjoy going abroad to shop?
  3. What are the most enjoyable activities for you to do when go out with your friends?



Part 2题目22


Describe a historical period that you are interested in.


You should say:


  What historical period it is


How you get to know this period


What happened during this period 


And explain why you are interested in this period. 


Part 3题目


  1. Do you think each student should take history class when they are at school?
  2. How does a museum teach us about history?
  3. Which historical figure do you admire the most?



Part 2题目23


Describe an occasion that you received a good service from a company or shop.


  You should say:


  what the service was


  when and where you received the service


  whom you were together with


and explain why you think it was a good service.


Part 3题目


  1. How do you evaluate the overall service in your country?
  2. What would you do when you receive a bad service?
  3. Are you a person who tends to serve other people a lot?



Part 2题目24


Describe an important river in your country.


You should say:


  what river it is


  where this river is


  what it is like


and explain why you think it is an important river.


Part 3题目


  1. Are there many rivers in the place you live?
  2. What do people in your country do with the rivers?
  3. What sort of rivers do you think are the best?



Part 2题目25


Describe something you enjoy doing with an old person in your family.


You should say:


  what thing it is


  who the old person is


and explain why you like to do it with him/her.


Part 3题目


  1. Do you think that elder people are properly respected in your culture?
  2. What do elder people do in general for pleasure in their spare time?
  3. Should young people spend more time with elder people?



Part 2题目26


Describe a perfect job you would like to have in the future.


You should say:


  what it is


  how you can get this job


what kinds of efforts you would make to get the job


and explain why you want to get the job


Part 3题目


  1. What kind of jobs require people to socialize with others frequently?
  2. How does a man become good at what he does?
  3. What do you value the more from a job, a better pay or a better personal development?



Part 2题目27


Describe a method that helps you save money.


You should say:


  what it is


  when you started to use it


how you knew it


and explain why it is useful 


Part 3题目


  1. Which group of people tends to spend more money in your country, young people or elder people?
  2. Is that necessary for schools to run classes about financial management?
  3. Why do people tend to use their money for investment?



Part 2题目28


Describe a time when someone visited your home.


You should say:


  When it is 


  What did you do


and explain how you felt about this visit.


Part 3题目


  1. Do you often visit others at their home?
  2. How do you entertain your visitors?
  3. Why do some visitors tend to overstay?



Part 2题目29


Describe a place where you can read and write.


  You should say:


  where this place is


  how do you know this place


  what do you do there


and explain why you think it's a good place for reading and writing.


Part 3题目


  1. Do you often read books?
  2. Apart from parks, what are some other places people go to for reading?
  3. Can you focus on reading when you are in a place where there is much noise?



Part 2题目30


Describe an interesting song you like


  You should say:


  What it is


  Which country the song comes from


  What story the song tells


And explain why you think it is interesting.


Part 3题目


  1. What is the most popular music type with young people in your country?
  2. Why do more and more people lose interest in some traditional forms of Chinese music such as Beijing opera?
  3. Do you wish to become a pop singer if you could?



Part 2题目31


Describe an important skill that cannot be learned at school.


  You should say:


  What it is


  Where you learned the skill


Why it cannot be learned at school


And explain why you think it's important.


Part 3题目


  1. What are the skills do people have to learn to reach effective communication with other people?
  2. What qualities or skills do you think an excellent employee should acquire?
  3. Are there any skills that you think must learn at the moment?