Section A

1. [C] It links the science of climate change to economic and policy issues.

2. [B] It would be more costly to deal with its consequences than to avoid it.

3. [A] The transition to low-carbon energy systems.

4. [C] Plan well in advance.


5. [B] What determines success.

6. [D] It means being good at seizing opportunities.

7. [D] Practice is essential to becoming good at something.

8. [C] Being passionate about work can make one wealthy.



Section B

9. [A] To stump of a giant tree.

10. [B] Wind and water.

11. [D] It was created by supernatural powers.

12. [C] By lifting them well above the ground.


13. [A] They will buy something from the convenience stores.

14. [A] They can bring only temporary pleasures.

15. [D] Small daily savings can make a big difference in one's life.


Section C

16. [B] They are necessary in our lives.

17. [B] They feel too overwhelmed to deal with life's problem.

18. [A] They expand our mind.


19. [B] It came from a 3D printer.

20. [C] When she was studying at a fashion design school.

21. [C] It was hard and breakable.

22. [D] It marks a breakthrough in printing material.


23. [A] They arise from the advances in technology.

24. [D] It is intensively competitive.

25. [D] Sharing of costs with each other.