It is unwise to judge a person by appearance.





With more and more people pay more attention to the appearance when they seek a job, we can’t help wondering is that appearance outweighs abilities? The answer is certainly not, throughout history, there are numerous examples of outstanding people with remarkable achievements who are just plain or not good-looking at all.

But why we emphasize the appearance or even put it in a relatively important place in job-hunting? Some people hold the belief that good-looking people seem to have advantages job interviews and have been given more opportunities than others. However, people against this point firmly believe that abilities are more important for it is always one's abilities that create values that really matter rather than good looks, which are just easy on the eyes. Moreover, abilities grow over time while good looks only fade.

In my opinion, good looks are born by nature while abilities need to be gained through deliberate self-cultivation and years of hardworking which speak more of people's true colors. So, it is unfair and unwise to judge a person just by appearance.