Views on college students credit card consumptions





Views on college students credit card consumptions

Nowadays, it is becoming commonplace that many college students pay by credit card while shopping. And advanced consumptions has become a fashion among youngsters. 

There are many pros and cons about credit card used by college students. Some people are in favor of the credit card consumptions, pointing out the fact that it is a more convenient and safe way compared with the traditional way of paying by cash, which is easy to lose and not environmentally friendly. While others argue that college students are too young to use credit card rationally. They are more likely to spend money recklessly without considering whether they have capability to return it on time. What’s worse, those who cannot control their desire to consume will end up involving in financial crisis and damaged personal credit.

From my point of view, though credit card indeed brings a lot of convenience to our life and changes the way of consumptions, we should always keep a sober mind and utilize it properly.