The difficulty in acquiring useful information in spite of advanced information technology
The recent decades has witnessed the remarkable development of information technology, which indicates we have entered an era of information. However, here arises an issue about how to dive into oceans of information and acquire the useful one.
It is widely acknowledged that advanced information technology just provides us with a platform to search and share news, messages and our life experience. The source, truth and value of those information, however, are always unrevealed. Besides, those who master advanced technology are usually slaving for filtering, estimating and combining those fragmented information they have found, which further contributes to the difficulty of acquiring useful information. Just imagine we will host a conference about climate crisis and use a famous search-engine to look for something needed in the meeting introduction. Can you quickly and accurately acquire what you want?
To reverse this situation, government and technology firms should set up a more valid sources of knowledge while individuals need to define more detailed content to make the search more accurate. So important is their working hand in hand to make useful information no longer unrevealed.

题干中明确需要focus on the difficulty in acquiring useful information in spite of advanced information technology,所以这篇文章同学们重点应该放在difficulty上。
范文中,开篇由一句时间状语作主语引入到现象,并且用转折提出主题词useful information。文章中间段重点全部放在了寻找有用信息的difficulty上。运用并列的逻辑关系将题干中提到的information technology以及关于个人在信息使用上的问题并列到一起。段落收尾是以一个设想加提问,用以引出第三段针对有效信息获取困难提出的建议。