The bar chart issued by Ministry of Education contains the gross enrolment ratio in higher education in China from 3.4% in the year of 1990 to 51.6% in 2019. Obviously, what it endeavors / tries to convey is that this era has witnessed an enormous increase in China's higher education development.

Firstly, the government has provided a series of beneficial policies and financial investment in ensuring citizens the opportunity of receiving higher education. Students, even poor ones in rural counties will be encouraged to attend universities after middle school. Interest-free loans are provided to students who cannot afford the fees. Secondly, the growing per capita GDP has shifted parents' opinion from earning money as soon as their children grow up to equipping them with more specialized knowledge for long-term development. Last but not least, due to the research achievements and the improvement of education level, China's institutions of higher education are now highly admitted. We can find from the QS World University Ranking list that Qinghua University and Beijing University have peaked in this year.

In a nutshell, China has witnessed a great progress in its higher education, which enables more citizens to achieve a higher degree and provides more specialized knowledge in pursuing a fulfilling life.