How to balance work and leisure

How to balance work and leisure has always been troubling people. In my perspective, I think the key to achieve the balance is to learn to manage your time and energy, and to avoid being greedy when it comes to both of them.

Our time and energy is finite, which makes it crucial to make use of them in a wise way. We can take advantage of a notebook with calendars to do a pre-plan for a new week and map out every task that we intend to finish, be it a work task or an activity for relaxation, say a dinner plan with friends. All you need to do is try your best to execute what you have planned instead of being busy with everything without a clue in your mind. Also we cannot get greedy because getting too much work done or having too much leisure time can only result in losing the balance between them and being in a bad shape of health.
After all, no one can come up with a perfect way to achieve the balance between work and leisure. But we can always make plans for ourselves and take control of our own lives.