1.A. It is a Spanish soup
2.C. To make it thicker
3.B. It is mainly made of vegetables
4.D.It comes from a special kind of pig
5.C. They do not make decent gifts
7. A. They go well with different kinds of food.
8. C. It is italy's most famous type of red wine
9. B. Decoding secret message
10. D. They helped the u.s. army in World War Two
11. A. A military code that was never broken.
12. C. A lot of knowledge-intensive Jobs will be replaced.
13. D. In the personal care sector.
14. B. They charge high prices.
15. D. The tremendous changes new technology will bring to people' s lives
16. C. it linked a stone pit to some waterways
17. B. saws used for cutting stone
18. A. to provide services for the stone pit.
19.B. Dr. Gong slipped in needles where he felt no pain
20.D. previous medical treatments failed to relleve his pain
21. C. more and more patients ask for the treatment
22. B. they quarreled a lot and never resolved thif argument
23. C. Neither of them has any sisters and brothers
24. A. They tend to be self-assured and responsible
25. D. they tend to be well adjusted


Section A
Conversation One
1. D) She is the owner of a special cafe.
2. A) They bear a lot of similarities.
3. A) By giving them regular cleaning and injections.
4. C) They love the animal in her cafe.
Conversation Two
5. D) It is mostly garbage.
6. B) TV commercials.
7. C) Trying to trick children into buying their products.
8. C) They seldom had junk food
Section B
Passage  One
9. C)Tombs of ancient rulers.
10. B) It’s hardly associated with great civilizations.
11. A ) It carries about one fifth of the world’s fresh water.
Passage  Two
12.B) We are always in a rush to do various things.
13. C) She was accustomed to tight schedules.
14. D) Reading a book about slowing down.
15. B) She came to enjoy everyday tasks.
Section C
Recording One
16. C) They pose a threat to the local ecosystem.
17. D) Their distinctions are artificial.
18. A) Only a few of them cause problems to native species.
Recording Two
19. A)Respect their traditional culture. 
20. C)  Drinking alcohol on certain days of a month.
21.D)  They have a break from 2:00 to 5:30.
Recording Three
22. D) He had the company’s bedroom extensively renovated.
23. B) Its articles should be short and inspiring.
24 D) He treated the employees like members of his family.
25 C) Several hundred of its employees got fired.



26-30 DANLF
31-35 ECBJO
26. D enabling
27. A amassed
28. N terrified
29. L smart
30. F exaggerated
31. E eventually
32. C emotional
33. B casual
34. J precious
35. O venture


36----J Modest institutions can also have successtul graduates…

37----G  The money the author made in high school helped pay for…

38----C The author came to see how costly college education could be…

39---K  A recent study found that a graduate s salary is determined by their…

40----B The author cannot recall for sure what made certain top universities.…

41---H None of the authors job interviewers cared which college.…

42----N The author thinks she did the right thing in choosing…

43----A In order to be admitted to a prestigious university.…

44----E The author liked her university which was not prestigious…

45----I  Colleges are reluctant to admit that graduates today…


46.A. It is based on questionable statistics.

47. D It is a more comprehensive measure of peoples economic well-being

48.B It neglected many important in dicators of people's welfare

49.D. It can compare a country’s economic conditions between different periods of time.

50.C. It has not improved as much as reported by Census Bureau


51.D They show considerable differences in their decision-making abilities

52.C. Decision fatigue may prevent people making wise decisions.

53.B. When they help others to make decisions.

54.D. They refrain from trying anything new.

55.D.  It will more often than not end in regret.



26 K reputed      

27 C characters     

28 M supposed    

29 E fierce    

30 H obsessed   

31 A campaign    

32 N traditional     

33 I proclamation     

34 F inspired       

35 L rest


36. There are a couple of plants tough and adaptable enough to survive on bare rocky hills and in deserts.


C) Extreme conditions produce extremely tough plants. In the rusty red deserts of South Africa, …

37. Farrant is trying to isolate genes in resurrection plants and reproduce them in crops.


H) After completing her Ph.D. on seeds, Farrant began investigating whether it might be possible to isolate her properties that make most seeds so…

38. Farmers in South Africa are more at the mercy of nature, especially inconsistent rainfall.


A)Farmers in South Africa are more at the mercy of nature.…

39. Resurrection crops are most likely to be the choice of subsistence farmers.


40. Even though many plants have developed carious tactics to cope with dry weather, they can’t survive a prolonged drought.


E) The big difference between “drought-tolerant”plants and these tough plants: metabolism. Many different kinds of plants have…

41. Despite consumer resistance, researchers are pushing ahead with genetic modification of crops.


I) Once Farrant and her colleagues feel they have a better sense of which switches to throw,…

42. Most seeds can pull through dry spells and begin growing when conditions are ripe, but once this process starts, it cannot be held back.


G) What else can do this dry-out-and-revive trick? Seeds-almost all of them. At the start of…

43. Farrant is working hard to cultivate food crops that can survive extreme dryness by studying the traits of rare wild plants.


B) Biologist Jill Farrant of the University of Cape Town in South Africa says that nature has plenty of answers for people who want to grow crops in

44. By adjusting their metabolism, resurrection plants can recover from an extended period of drought.


F) Resurrection plants, defined as those capable of recovering from holding less than 0.1 grams of water per gram of dry mass, are different. They lack…

45. Resurrection plants can come back to life in a short time after a rainfall.


D) Farrant calls them resurrection plants. During months without water under a harsh sun,…

Passage one

46. Compared with human memory, machines can ______.

C) store an unlimited number of  human faces

47. Why did researchers create Mega Face?                                               

C)To understand computers’ problems with facial recognition

48. What dose the passage say about machine accuracy?

D)It decreases as the database size increases.

49. What is said to be a shortcoming of facial-recognition machines?

A)They cannot easily tell apart people with near-identical appearances .

50.What  is the difficulty confronting researchers of the facial- recognition machines?

B)There do not exist public databases with sufficient face samples.

Passage two

51. What does the author think of college students funding their education through loans?

B) They are acting in an irrational way.

52. In the author’ s opinion, free college education is ______.


53. What should students do if taxpayers are to bear their college costs?

C) Choose majors that will serve society’s practical needs.

54. What does the author say about the value of a student’s college education?

C) It is well reflected in their average starting salary.

55. What message does the author want to convey in the passage?

D) College students should fund their own education.



Section A  


26.  K) puzzled

27.  M) removed

28.  A) chronicles

29.  L) remnants

30.  F) maximum

31.  D) fascinates

32.  I) perfect

33.  J) precision

34.  E) hypothesis

35.  O) slightly

Section B    

标题:Peer presure

36-40 HCLJG  41-45 AIFKD

36 H It is thought probable that the  human brain is particularly good at…
37.C It can be concluded from experiments that the presence of peers…
38 L Students should be told that risk-taking in the classroom can be
39.J The urge of finding a mate and getting married accounts for…
40.G According to Steinberg, the presence of peers increases the speed…
41.A teenagers'parents are often concerned about negative peer…
42.I Activating the brain's social net-work involved in socially motivated…
43.F The presence of peers intensifies the feeling of rewards…
44.K When we absorb information for the purpose of imparting…
45.D Some experts are suggesting that we turn peer influence to…

Section C

Passage One

开头:The Ebno Dleta

46.C) Rice farmers in the Ebro Delta are waging a battle of similar importance.

47. D) Using one evil to combat the other.

48. C) Its immediate priority is to bring the pest under control.

49. B) It will invade other rice-growing regions of Europe.

50. A) Cultivating ideal salt-resistant rice varieties.

Passage Two


51.A) It was a painstaking effort for recording life’s major events.

52.D) Whether it prevented people enjoying what they were doing.

53.C) They are more absorbed in what catches their eye.

54.B) They focus more on the exhibits when taking pictures.

55.D) Even the very thought of taking a photo can have a positive effect.