Section B

36. [E] Online services are so designed that the more they are used, the more profit they generate.

37. [L] The author admits using technology as an escape from the task at hand.

38. [I] Checking phones at dinners is now accepted as normal but not belching.

39. [O] To make proper use of technology, we should not only increase our awareness of how it is changing but also how it is impacting us.

40. [B] Most of us find it hard to focus on our immediate tasks because of Internet distractions.

41. [J] When one person starts checking their phone, the others will follow suit.

42. [F] The great majority of smartphone users don’t take the trouble to adjust their settings to suit their own purposes.

43. [D]The Internet is regarded by some as designed to distract our attention.

44. [L] The author attributes his tech addiction chiefly to his habit of putting off doing what he should do right away.

45. [G] White-collar workers check email round the clock because it is required by their employers.