Teaching Plan

school:YuYingSchool Grade:Five Class:Two Teacher:LiuJing
content of courses
Topic11.My Pet Turtle
Teaching aims
 Listen to say familiar three sentence patterns and their
answer form——What is your favorite …?\My favorite … is…
Teaching difficult points
first-person converting and reconverting
teaching media
1. Teacher preparation teaching material matching tapes
2.Prepare relevant part of the courseware
3.Teachers learned patterns card ready
Teaching steps
1. Warming-up/Revision.
(1)Daily conversation display.
(2)play“Let us sing together” songs the recording, the teachers
and students singing and do the action
2. Presentation
(1)The tortoise knowledge introduction
T:Look and think.
(2)Teachers fast. Pictures of animals show series:
daddy turtle,mommy turtle, brother turtle, baby turtle. According
to see pictures about students cultivate animal words observation
and memory.
(3) Listen to recording ,then practice in pairs. The next lead
“What is your favorite pet?”, First , take out to the whole , then ask
several students answer shows the correct answer form.
“ My favorite pet is…”
3. Practice
(1)Let’s do a game!
I will ask two students to do say “what’s your favorite pet?”,the other do a reply and express it with your body languag-e.
4.Now read the text quickly and find out other sentence pa -erns :when and where did you get it?\how often do you feed it?\why do you like it?\Is it a turtle? And so forth.
You should know “what is his\her favorite ….?”and their answer form.Next class teacher will check it ,oh