Unit Two: Human Resources Management 人力资源管理

2.1 Recruiting & Selecting 人员招聘

Pertinent 相关的,有关系的
Poise 镇定,镇静
Employment discrimination就业歧视
Marital 婚姻的;夫妇间的
Job opening/vacancy 职位空缺
Emergency 紧急情况;突发事件;非常时刻
Recommendation 推荐;建议;推荐信
Job opening/vacancy 职位空缺


     面试官(interviewer)的选择是面试成功与否的关键。由于面试时间的限制,面试通常是通过主考官与应聘者之间的双向语言交流和智慧交锋来完成,面试考官要在这样的情境中倾听(listening)、分析(analyze)、观察(observation)、判断(estimate),从而获得自己的结论(conclusion)。如果用了不称职或者没有能力的主考官,就可能 选不到真正优秀的人才,这对用人单位是一种巨大的损失。

What’s important when…?
Selecting an employment interviewer 选择面试考官,需要考虑哪些因素?
1.Personal quality 个人素质
2.Interviewing skills 面试技巧

When selecting an employment interviewer, personal qualities are important, which can ensure his/her decision sound and fair. Qualities desirable include humility, the ability to think objectively and poise. For example, to think objectively can prevent extreme opinions and biases, thus avoiding employment discrimination. [/en]
当你选择一个面试官时去给应聘者面试时,个人素质是非常重要的,因为这可以确定他 / 她的决定是否可靠公平。恰当的个人素质包括谦逊、有客观思考问题的能力以及淡定。例如,客观思考能够避免极端的观点和偏见,因此避免了就业歧视。

[en]In addition to qualities, interviewing skills, such as the skill to raise questions, is also important. For instance, questions concerning marital/family status are generally recognized as inappropriate. But there are some cases when you have to get some information of the applicant’s marital/family status, so with the necessary skill, you can ask in this way---What is the name, address and telephone number of a person we may contact in case of an emergency? This question is perfectly legal and appropriate.

除了个人素质之外,面试技巧也很重要,比如提问题的技巧。举个例子来说,提出涉及到婚姻 / 家庭情况的问题通常被认 为不恰当。但在某些情况下你又不得不得到者婚姻 / 家庭情况的信息时,这时候就需要必要技巧了。你可以这样问:一旦出现紧急情况,我们可以联系的人的姓名、住址、电话是什么呢?这个问题是非常合理和恰当的。


Advertising for a job opening职位招聘广告
Your company is going to fill the job vacancy of personnel manager by advertising. You have been asked to make recommendations. Discuss the situation together, and decide:

1.what type of publication to choose

2.what should be included in the advertisement

(1)When choosing a publication, we should consider its readers. We should make sure whether it is directed to a wide range of reader or just to a particular group. Besides, it’s also important to consider advertising fee. The advertising cost should be reasonable and affordable, somewhere around the company’s budget.
当我们选择一个刊物,我们应该考虑它的读者。我们应当确保它是否直接对广泛领域的读者开放, 或者只是针对一个特殊的群体。除此之外,考虑广告费也很重要。广告的成本应该合理和可承担得起,要在公司预算之内。

(2)Newspaper advertising is the cheapest way of reaching large numbers of readers of various backgrounds, including the general public, our potential job applicants and clients.
一个有影响力的报纸,其广告员工的能力和创造力可以得到保证。然后,我们投资的钱一定有所 回报。

3)In my opinion, beside the basic information as time, place and contact address, the description of applicants’ qualification and the specifications of the openings should be included, because it can cut down the number of applicants, attract the desirable ones and thus reduce staff turnover.
就我而言,除了关于时间、地点、联系地址这些基本的信息,也应该包括描述空缺职位的应征者所需要资格和标准。 因为这样可以削减报名人数,吸引具备资格的员工并因此减少员工补缺数。