Unit Twenty-Four 催运货物并告知货物迟到结果

Part one

691. It is now over two months since we sent in the order for Tape Recorders, yet we are still awaiting delivery. You should know that the delivery date is very important to us.


692. Please take the matter up at once and see to it that the goods are delivered without further delay.


693. Please get the goods dispatched with the least possible delay.


694. I wonder if you could check the order I placed with you last month. It hasn’t arrived yet.


695. Please do your utmost to hasten shipment.


696. We are much in need of the goods. Please expedite shipment as soon as possible.


697. We wish to call your attention that up to the present moment no news has come from you about the shipment. Our users are in urgent need of the machines and are pressing us for an early delivery.


698. As our customers are in urgent need of the contracted machines, we hope you can assure us of an early shipment.


699. I want to know why our alloy inserts haven’t arrived yet. Our customers are in urgent need of them?


700. We hope that there will be no delay in shipment any longer.


701. This order is so urgently required that we must ask you to make the earliest possible shipment.


702. We shall appreciate it very much if you will effect shipment as soon as possible, thus enabling the goods to arrive here in time to catch the brisk demand.


703. We hope you will send the air-conditioners as soon as possible, for the hot season is rapidly approaching.


704. The goods we ordered are seasonal goods. So it will be better to ship them all at once.


705. In order to be in time for the season, early shipment is of utmost importance to us.


Part Two

706. We might refuse the shipment if it doesn’t arrive on time.


707. We must insist on delivery within the time contracted and reserve the right to reject the goods if we fail to receive the goods before this week.


708. We regret to say that unless you are able to give us an assurance of delivery within the next two weeks, we shall be obliged to cancel the order.


709. If shipment is too late, we’ll be forced to withdraw the contract.


710. If you still delay delivery, i’ll have to cancel the order.


711. If you can’t effect delivery within the stipulated time, we will have to lodge a claim against you for the loss and reserve the right to cancel the contract.


712. If you fail to deliver the goods according to the agreed time, you should indemnify us for all losses and corresponding expenses.


713. If there is still no information from you about the expedition of shipment by the end of this month, we’ll be forced to cancel the contract and reserve the right to lodge a claim against you for the loss.


714. We wish to point out that if you fail to effect shipment within the time specified, we shall not be able to fulfill the contract with our client.


715. We would like to emphasize that any delay in shipping our booked order will undoubtedly involve us in no small difficulty.


716. Your failure to deliver the goods within the stipulated time has greatly inconvenienced us.


717. Any delay in shipment would be detrimental to our future business.


718. We trust you will see to it that the order is shipped within the stipulated time, as any delay would cause us no little financial loss.


719. As you know, June is the right season for the goods, so if they arrive later than June, we will miss the selling season.


720. Should you delay the shipment any longer, the fireworks might become useless to us.